Academics seek stronger links with financial planning industry

Published 07 March 2011

penA forum of academics is working for stronger links between tertiary education institutions and the financial planning industry.

The Financial Planning Academics Forum is discussing ways of strengthening those links by addressing the industry’s research needs, disseminating research results more widely, and enabling all financial planners to acquire an accredited tertiary qualification.

Associate Professor Martin Hovey from the University of New England, who co-chaired a meeting of the Forum in Brisbane last month, said that the academics were responding to a call from the Financial Planning Association (FPA) for a greater level of professionalism in the industry. “Education will be a major part of this momentum,” Dr Hovey said.

The Forum was established at the national conference of the FPA late last year. During the conference, UNE launched new courses in Financial Services at Bachelor, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Master’s levels. Each of these courses has been accredited by the Australian Securities Investment Commission and listed on its training register.

“The aim of the FPA is that, in future, all financial planners should have an academic qualification in financial planning,” Dr Hovey said. “At its recent meeting the Forum discussed the possibility of universities collaborating in the development of nationally consistent and accredited tertiary programs.”

“As well as assisting in the provision of research and education to the financial planning industry,” he said, “the Forum hopes to be a key voice in communicating not only with the industry, but also with government and the general public.

“We’re also discussing ways of providing assistance in community issues involving financial literacy.”