Bright future for Latin at UNE

Published 30 November 2010

inscriptionThe University of New England has welcomed to its staff a man well qualified to continue the work of the inspirational Latin lecturer Dr Charles Tesoriero.

“I want to share my passion for Latin with as many students as possible here at UNE,” said Dr Randall Pogorzelski, the University’s first Charles Tesoriero Lecturer in Latin, in responding to his official welcome last Thursday.

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Jim Barber, said that Dr Tesoriero’s passion for Latin had led to his bequest of $1 million to UNE for the establishment of a new Latin lectureship, and that he had “great pleasure in welcoming” Dr Pogorzelski to the position.

Professor Barber thanked those among the guests at the welcome function who had added to the bequest by their donations.

Charles Tesoriero, who held a lectureship in Classics at UNE from 2000 until 2005, died in 2005 at the age of 32. Dr Tamara Neal, Dr Tesoriero’s former partner and one of the executors of his Will, speaking at the welcome function, explained that he had left a bequest of $1 million to both UNE and the University of Sydney for the promotion of Latin teaching. “Charles was a passionate teacher, who instilled in his students a love of Latin, Latin literature, and everything to do with the ancient world,” Dr Neal said. “He inspired loyalty and trust in his students, who were attracted by his passion, his intellect, and his integrity.”

Dr Neal read a statement by Charles Tesoriero’s uncle, Ron Tesoriero, in which he thanked the University and said it was “wonderful that Charles’s spirit is being kept alive through the bequest”.

Dr Pogorzelski said he was “grateful to Charles for his generosity and his commitment to Latin”.

“Latin is amazing for its ability to bring people together and foster a shared passion and enthusiasm,” he said, adding that the new lectureship was “a great opportunity” to build such a “community of Latinists” at UNE.

Clicking on the image displayed here reveals a photograph of Dr Randall Pogorzelski (centre) with UNE’s Professor Greg Horsley (Professor of Classics and Ancient History) and Dr Tamara Neal.