Agreement adds new link to connection with China

Published 06 December 2010

henanThe University of New England has added a new link to its chain of connections with academic institutions in China through the signing of an agreement with Henan Agricultural University (HAU).

The President of HAU, Professor Zhang Qiong, and UNE’s Chief Development Officer, Mr Chris Patton, signed the agreement when Professor Zhang and four of her senior management colleagues visited UNE late last month.

The agreement will enable students who have completed a diploma program or two or three years of a degree program at HAU to complete a UNE degree – with advanced standing – in the areas of accounting, business, biotechnology and molecular genetics, environmental science, animal science, agriculture, and agricultural and resource economics.

HAU, with 21,000 students and 1,700 staff members, is in the city of Zhengzhou in China’s Henan Province. It offers degrees in agronomy, medicine, science, engineering, arts, economics, management, law and education. It has a rural focus, with a particular interest in agronomy and environmental science, and its collaboration with UNE will focus on common areas of strength.

The delegation from HAU, which included Li Chengwu (the university’s Vice-President), Professor Zhang Dongping (Dean of the International Education College), Professor Li Chaohai (Director of the Key Laboratory), and Huang Song (Dean of the Horticulture College), discussed aspects of the collaborative agreement with UNE staff members from the Schools of Environmental and Rural Science, Science and Technology, and Business, Economics and Public Policy. They also visited some of UNE’s teaching facilities, including the new glasshouse complex in Environmental and Rural Science.

UNE is currently teaching students from seven Chinese educational institutions through advanced standing and cooperation agreements. Mr Patton said that UNE greatly valued this comprehensive agreement with HAU – a highly-regarded university. He added that the arrangement was particularly pleasing at a time when national figures indicated an overall drop in the numbers of Chinese students applying to study at Australian universities.

THE PHOTOGRAPH of  Professor Zhang Qiong and Mr Chris Patton displayed here was taken at UNE after they had signed the agreement. Clicking on this image reveals a photograph of the visitors from Henan Agricultural University with their UNE hosts.