Public lecture to unlock the mysteries of mathematics

Published 15 November 2010

yihongdu1A free public lecture by the University of New England’s Prof Yihong Du will unlock some of the mysteries of mathematics by showing how it can be used to model the spread of invasive species.

Prof Du, a graduate of Shandong University in China, has worked at UNE since 1991. His research has focused on a number of areas, including the application of mathematics to ecology.

“To date, applications of mathematics to ecological problems have been rather limited,” Prof Du said.

“Unlike, for example, physics, very few principles in ecology involve a mathematical formula.

“Nevertheless, significant progress has been made in the mathematical modelling of several ecological problems, and some of these mathematical works have introduced new problems for mathematics itself, which subsequently found applications elsewhere.”

In his lecture, Prof Du said, he would review the history and current trends of such modelling efforts, before briefly explaining some of his own work and showing some numerical simulations of the new model.

The lecture will take place at the Armidale Town Hall on Wednesday, November 24 at 6:45 PM. The lecture will conclude around 8:20 PM, at which time a light supper will be offered in the foyer.

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