UNE celebrates Skype launch with paper plane ‘fly off’

Published 15 September 2010

paperplaneThe team from Project 2012:  UNE Flexible and Online, gave the residents of the University’s eight Colleges and non-College on-campus students, an opportunity to test their aerodynamic and paper folding skills throughout August and September, as they pitched their paper-plane masterpieces against each other in a series of Skype Launch competitions (‘from Paper Pad to iPAD’ ) with the winner of each receiving an Apple iPAD.

In addition to their iPADs, the winners of each competition will pitch their skills against each other in a Grand Finale ‘fly off’ to be held on the lawns of UNE’s historic Booloominbah, on Wednesday 22 September 2010 at noon.  The ‘fly off’ will be followed by a sausage sizzle.

The competitions celebrate the meeting of a milestone in the UNE Flexible and Online suite of projects, the roll-out of Skype across the UNE campus with free and unlimited internet downloading available across the University’s improved wireless network from 8pm to 8am, daily.   Skype not only allows students to easily stay in touch with family and friends from across the globe (with many already Skype-ing home to local destinations and as far afield as Italy, Iraq, UK, France and Canada), it also allows for face-to-face contact with other students and UNE staff.  This brings UNE one step closer to offering students a richer study and life experiences at University, enhanced by modern technology.

Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) Professor Graham Webb, who is Executive Sponsor of the UNE Flexible and Online project, said: “It is great to see students embracing technologies such as Skype – this is something that both students and staff have been asking for and now it is being delivered.”

At the cost of a gold coin per throw, paper planes soared and shot across the dining halls, providing after dinner entertainment to residents at each College and pitching student against student as they folded and launched their planes the length of the halls to determine which would travel the furthest.  The winner at each College venue was rewarded with a state of the art 16Gb iPad with 3G accessibility. Project members of 2012 Flexible and Online were able to brief students on other exciting developments coming their way, and provide advice on how to use iPAD’s for a more integrated on-campus and on-line experience. A separate event was held for students living in the city.

Money raised from the competitions was returned to each College to donate to their respective charities.

The winners from each of the earlier competitions are eligible to compete in the Grande Finale ‘Fly Off’.  These students are:

Austin College – Ben Bahsen

Earle-Page College – James Douglas

Drummond  & Smith College – Ash Bailey

Duval College – Ally George

St Alberts College – Andrew Dickson

Mary White College – Anthony Cook

Wright Village – Matthew Nairn

Robb College – Andy Turbayne

Non-College on-Campus/Townies – Nicholas Evans