Myee a finalist in UK tour competition

Published 10 June 2010

myeeMyee Gregory, a third-year undergraduate student at the University of New England and resident of Earle Page College, is the UNE finalist in a competition to win a two-week tour of the UK.

Students from 45 universities in Australia and New Zealand entered this year’s “Free UK OE Competition”, and one student from each university has made it through to the final stage of the competition.

At the end of May, the 45 finalists were flown to Fiji for a “Winners Weekend”, during which they were involved in a number of activities aimed at the eventual selection of the 10 winners of the UK tour. In one of those activities they worked in teams of five to film a 30-minute commercial in an hour. Myee’s group included students from the University of Western Sydney, Queensland Conservatorium of Music (Griffith University), Deakin University, and the University of Auckland. “The weekend in Fiji was intense but exhilarating,” Myee said, “because I was immersed in activities that perfectly complement my degree studies.” She is in the final year of a Bachelor of Communications degree program at UNE.

Myee is pictured here during her weekend in Fiji.

The final decision on the selection of the 10 winners of the “2010 Free UK OE Competition” will be made by people voting on Facebook. Voting for the group videos made in Fiji is under way, and closes at midnight on Sunday 13 June. Myee is in Group 3, which is currently in the lead but still needs support. To vote, go to (then  “like” “myOE”, “Book myOE Seat”, “Vote Now” and “Pick Me” for Group 3 so that it says “My Choice”).

Voting on Facebook has already been conducted for  individual videos made by each of the finalists. Myee was one of 10 students from UNE who, on the basis of their original submission (including a short report about themselves and their involvement in the community) were each invited to make a two-minute video. Myee’s video was selected as the best from UNE by a panel of judges.

The “myOE” company gives students valuable life experiences through travelling and working abroad. The company is urging supporters of the finalists to help them towards a place on the UK tour by voting for them on Facebook.