Wool Expo to see launch of new International Handbook

Published 30 April 2010

woolbookA highlight of this year’s New England Wool Expo (7-9 May) will be the Australian launch of the newly-published International Sheep and Wool Handbook, launched internationally at Rambouillet, France, earlier this week.

The Vice-Chancellor of the University of New England, Professor Jim Barber, will launch the Handbook directly after the official opening of Wool Expo 2010 by the Armidale Dumaresq Mayor, Councillor Peter Ducat. The official opening will be in the Expo’s main auditorium at 12 noon on Saturday 8 May.

The internationally definitive Handbook is edited by the Chair of Sheep and Wool Science at UNE, David Cottle, who also edited its predecessor, the Australian Sheep and Wool Handbook, published in 1991.

“Many requests were received over the past 19 years to produce a new edition,” Professor Cottle says in his Preface to the new Handbook. “The book has been made more international than the earlier text,” he explains, referring to the addition of chapters on the sheep and wool industries of New Zealand, South America, South Africa, China and Europe.

The new Handbook, published by Nottingham University Press, expands and updates all the chapters of its predecessor, and adds 11 entirely new chapters – including chapters on meat processing and sustainable production. It discusses future developments, and covers the sheep meat aspects of the industry in greater depth than the earlier edition.

This week’s international launch of the Handbook by the International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO) was during the World Merino and IWTO Conference at Rambouillet (just outside Paris).

The President of the IWTO, Günther Beier, says in his Foreword to the new book: “It is with great pleasure that the IWTO, the international body representing the interests of the world’s wool-textile trade and industry, salutes David Cottle on this comprehensive coverage and most informative handbook on the sheep and wool industry.”

“This is something that we have not had in the past,” the IWTO President continues, “and we thank him and his colleagues most sincerely for the time and effort they have put into researching and documenting every facet of our industry.”

UNE is the centre for the delivery of teaching – and the conduct of research – on sheep and wool in the Australian university system.

For more information on the International Sheep and Wool Handbook, including an order form, e-mail Professor Cottle: david.cottle@une.edu.au).

THE IMAGE displayed here, taken from the cover of the Handbook, expands to show Professor David Cottle (left) and Professor Jim Barber preparing for the book launch.