UNE encourages students to get on the bus with subsidised fares

Published 22 April 2010

bus_smallThe University of New England is encouraging students to use public transport by sponsoring a two-month trial of subsidised bus fares between the colleges and the academic campus.

Subsidised fares will apply to all 481, 482 and 485 buses in service between the colleges and the Academic Campus. From Tuesday, April 27 until Wednesday, June 30, a one-way trip between these locations will be free.

Additionally, a shuttle bus service will be implemented during this period to better accommodate student travel needs during peak demand periods.

Should the free service prove popular, the university will consider providing the subsidies year-round.

By encouraging more students to use public transport, the university hopes to help cut greenhouse emissions and ease the strain of parking on campus.

“I would strongly encourage all students making this trip to take advantage of the subsidised fares,” said Chris Patton, the university’s chief development officer.

“By leaving their car at their college, they can help contribute to a cleaner, greener campus and avoid the hassle of finding a parking spot at the same time as everyone else.”