Albies’ 48-Hour Drought

Published 02 March 2010

albiesThe St Albert’s College community – students, staff, Senior Common Room members, affiliates, supporters and friends – have participated in a “48-hour Drought” to raise money for a worthwhile cause.

The entire college community was challenged to go without alcohol for a 48-hour period, with all proceeds going to Freeman House, a 28-bed residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre in Armidale. 

Freeman House was founded in 1979 to provide valuable services to the most needy in the Armidale community. The rehabilitation centre advocates self-help and self-motivation and offers its clientele a wide range of services and support.

The St Albert’s College community seeks to support local charities and promote social justice within the Armidale community. This year’s fundraiser was of special significance, as Freeman House was very dear to Sarah ‘Spud’ Heagney, a former St Albert’s resident and Senior Academic Advisor who recently passed away.

Sarah was a selfless and self-motivated individual who always promoted community fundraisers. Sarah’s strong commitment to social justice inspired all members of the St Albert’s College community to raise money for this worthwhile cause.

From 6pm last Friday until late Sunday evening, college residents were involved in various non-alcoholic fundraising activities. Sporting, cultural and social events took place for each floor and block at St Albert’s. During these events, money that would usually be spent on social outings was collected for Freeman House.

By participating in this charity event, all members of the college hoped that their small sacrifice would assist those in need in the Armidale community, whilst at the same time honouring the legacy of Sarah ‘Spud’ Heagney.