The new, fresh face of UNE

Published 09 November 2009

pattonbrandThe University of New England launched a brand refresh today as it prepares to leverage its history and roots toward a stronger, more widely-known national brand.

The UNE brand, represented by a newly-designed logo and related facets of the University’s updated visual identity, expresses the unique place of UNE, its long-established reputation for excellence in teaching and research, and its students’ consistently high rates of satisfaction.

“Higher education is a competitive marketplace,” said UNE’s Acting Vice-Chancellor, Professor Graham Webb, “and it is critical that we present our University – its strengths, ambitions, and unique style – to that marketplace in a contemporary and compelling manner.”

A two-year process of research and consultation culminated in today’s launch during a function at UNE’s “Booloominbah”. The research process had included consultation with hundreds of UNE stakeholders including UNE graduates, staff, students, and the wider community. The successful tender for the new brand design came from the specialist branding, design and advertising company Martins Integrated following this research and analysis.

The Chancellor of UNE, Richard Torbay, said that, strategically-speaking, the University needed to be on the front foot when positioning itself in the marketplace. He said the brand refresh was central to that strategy.

“The UNE brand is powerful, and represents more than 50 years of higher education,” he said, adding, “this brand refresh will ensure UNE continues to be powerful in the competitive market place.”

Today’s event, which saw out the old logo and saw in the new in dramatic fashion, reinforced the impact of the new, contemporary design. The Deputy Chancellor of UNE, Mr Scott Williams, speaking at the event, said that the refreshed branding would help UNE pursue its strategic vision of extending access to higher education, and that it was an expression of UNE’s unique identity.

UNE’s Chief Development Officer, Mr Chris Patton (pictured here), who managed the research, consultation and development processes, said:  “UNE has a very successful and proud history, and it’s time to refocus this historical success for a new period of serious growth and success.  From our inspired community base, we aim to be a true national brand. We’re also backing up this articulation of our brand ‘refresh’ with a major marketing and communications exercise starting this month to better project UNE into new markets in order to achieve significant growth.”