New bookshop location invites lunchtime browsers

Published 11 November 2009

ucblogoThe UNE branch of United Campus Bookshops, in its new location at the centre of the University’s campus, aims to be the kind of shop that attracts and encourages browsers.

The bookshop moved last month from its previous location north of Lazenby Hall to premises that used to be occupied by Services UNE and TUNE! FM, and that open on to the Central Courtyard. Its manager, Mrs Chris Hietbrink, said that it was already attracting people who had never visited the bookshop before.

“It’s a much more visible space,” Mrs Hietbrink said. And it’s also a much bigger space, allowing room for a range of general (i.e., non-prescribed-text) books. These will include fiction, non-fiction, and children’s books.

“We’ve already had people coming in to buy Christmas presents,” Mrs Hietbrink said. “And we’ll soon have chairs for people to sit and ‘hide away’ while they browse.”

She emphasised that it was a bookshop for the whole community, that all UNE staff members were eligible for a 15 per cent discount, and that any book could be ordered.

“The increased area and more efficient design allow for greater flexibility and provide a more relaxed work environment,” Mrs Hietbrink said.

The Sales Director of United Campus Bookshops, Ms Jill Romuld, visited UNE at the end of October for a celebration of the UNE bookshop’s opening in its new location. “We’re delighted with the new, central location,” Ms Romuld said. “We’ve noticed an increase in the number of visitors to the shop already.”

“We’re expanding our range of discretionary titles,” she added, “and we’re keen for people to give us ideas by letting us know what they’d like – gardening books, for example. We didn’t have room for this at the previous location, but we do now.”

THE IMAGE displayed here expands to show Mrs Hietbrink with fourth-year Urban and Regional Planning student (and UCB bookshop employee) Rohan Johnston at the opening celebration.