New and improved College catering options for 2010

Published 04 November 2009

knifeandforkThe UNE Residential System announced today that new catering options would be introduced at Austin, Mary White and Robb Colleges to address the growing need for flexible catering options suited to students’ budget and lifestyle, and meeting their dietary requirements.

This follows a review of students’ needs and catering offerings earlier in the year.

“It’s about choice,” said the Director of the Residential System, Barb Shaw. “Students were asking for more flexible meal plan options to suit changing study routines and lifestyles.

“We looked at solutions that would provide more choice for current and prospective students, while offering cost savings to suit particular needs and lifestyles.”

Residents of Austin College will have the choice of buying a package of 10, 15 or 21 meals a week. In addition, a coffee cart will be available in the Dining Hall, selling coffee and small items to all students living in the UNE Residential Colleges.

Mary White College residents will have the choice of buying a package of 14 or 19 meals a week, including brunch at weekends.

Robb College will offer packages of 14 or 21 meals a week, including breakfast throughout the week.

Catering Manager Christiaan Naine said that Alliance Catering was offering students a choice of healthy, fresh food, and was catering for special (e.g. gluten-free) diets  and ensuring that all meat is halal certified.

He said that Alliance Catering was planning to introduce a program of “themed” cuisine next year, with menus periodically featuring a range of national foods (e.g. Indian, Mexican, Mediterranean).