Lucy graduates reflect on rewarding experiences

Published 19 November 2009

lucy_2009UNE’s 2009 Lucy Mentoring Program concluded last month with a celebratory event in the Chancellery at Booloominbah.  This  ceremony for the Lucy “class of 2009” highlighted a diverse range of opportunities presented by this year’s mentors.

The “Lucy” program started in 2006 as an innovative mentoring program to inspire, motivate and educate women about the opportunities available for employment and leadership in major corporations and the public sector. Since it began,  more than 350 students have graduated from the program.

“Lucy” is a partnership between the NSW Office for Women, Women Chiefs of Enterprises International and the University of Sydney, Western Sydney, New South Wales, Newcastle, Wollongong and the University of New England.

At last month’s ceremony, each of the Lucy graduates reflected on their mentoring experiences as part of the Graduation proceedings.

A participant named Lucy, who was mentored through a local Law firm, said the program provided a link between the classroom theory and the reality of the workplace. She described her experience as “like getting a whole firm of mentors”.

Erin, another participant, said her mentor helped her to find direction with her studies and helped her to look past the obvious when seeking solutions.

Hang’s experience was about confidence building on a personal and professional level. Her mentorship in a large accountancy firm helped her make choices about her career path and gave her the confidence to try something new.

Professor Graham Webb, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University of New England, acknowledged the generosity of the mentors, businesses and departments who made the experience such a fruitful one for the participating students.

Guest Speaker Elizabeth Egan encouraged the young women to continue to be open to mentoring opportunities and to seek out the people who inspire them.

No matter the style of mentoring adopted through the Lucy program, whether a weekly coffee meeting or daily participation in the workplace, each participant found the experience rewarding, inspirational and worthwhile.

The Lucy Mentoring Program runs from May to October each year for women students in their final year of their Law, Accounting , Finance, Business or Economics degree.  For further information about the 2010 Lucy Program please contact Airlie Bell or Julia Perryman at Careers Assist (67732897) or Lou Conway in the School of Business, Economics and Public Policy (67733919).