The Big Draw comes to UNE

Published 20 October 2009

bigdrawThe University of New England is contributing to the Big Draw, an international celebration of drawing as a means of visual expression and communication.

In Australia, Big Draw events – taking place this month in schools, museums, galleries, libraries and community centres around the country – are part of the Drawing Australia project.

There will be two Big Draw events at UNE this week: “Artist under Glass” on Wednesday 21 October and “The Big Draw” on Thursday 22 October.

The “Artist under Glass” is Jonathon Larsen, a talented painter, print-maker and designer who lives and works in Armidale. Between 11.30 am and 2.30 pm tomorrow he will be “under glass” in the Dixson Library (i.e., inside the Library’s glassed-in entrance), where everyone in the UNE community has been invited to meet him, talk to him, and participate – under his direction – in small drawing exercises.

In “The Big Draw” on Thursday, drawing paper will be unrolled along the Central Courtyard at 11.30 am, art stations with drawing materials will be placed along the walkway, and everyone will be invited to try their hand at drawing.

“Jonathon Larsen will lead a group of volunteers (students and staff members) in the collaborative drawing experience through the afternoon,” said Dr Frances Alter, Lecturer in Visual Arts Education at UNE. “They will be devising a variety of activities to enthuse and encourage people to add their mark to the group drawing.”

The Big Draw events at UNE have been coordinated by Michelle Arens, the UNE Art Collections Manager.

The Campaign for Drawing – the organisation that coordinates the Big Draw in the UK – promotes drawing as “a universal language connecting generations and cultures and underpinning the ability to learn”, and as “a powerful tool that allows us to be inventive, to make marks with meaning, to be explorers, and to communicate our discoveries”.