Music students to demonstrate their explorations of technology

Published 20 October 2009

rocktoasterA free public concert in Armidale this week will demonstrate the achievements of music composition students at the University of New England in their creative use of new technology.

The concert, presented by second-year and third-year composition students, will be at 7.30 pm on Thursday 22 October in the auditorium of the C.B. Newling Building (“the Old Teachers’ College”). It will include compositions and improvisations by the students using a variety of software and other technological tools.

“There are some really interesting new possibilities emerging for the composition, production and performance of music using such technologies,” said UNE Music lecturer Steve Thorneycroft. “The students have been integrating technologies both old and new, and investigating the potential of recent technological developments as well as of developments that might be just around the corner. It’s a great time to be creative!”

Jenny Bakon, a third-year UNE Music student and the 2007 recipient of the Fellowship of Australian Composers Composition Award, said: “We’ve all had a fantastic time collaborating on compositions as well as investigating and experimenting with the kinds of software that are out there to aid with generative, interactive and improvised music composition and performance. We’d really like to share the fruit of our investigations with everyone who’s willing to bring along their open ears.”

The range of music presented in the concert will be from minimalist ambient soundscapes to improvised interactive real-time composition (with sideways excursions into musique concrete) and beyond.

Chris Estreich at MAC1 has helped the students by making available some extra technology to investigate and use in the concert.