“Insider’s Guide” hits 25,000

Published 20 October 2009

studentsupportteamThe UNE Student Support team are celebrating the enormous success of their website, with the number of views hitting 25,000 this week.

The Insider’s Guide to UNE has become a popular source of information for on and off campus students and includes podcasts, videos, and daily news updates.

“The main focus of the site is to make sure students get the information they need when they need it. Our current tips for exams and dealing with stress have been really popular” says Ed Campbell, a member of the Student Support Team.

Meredith Duncan and Frances Munro make up the team based in the Student Centre.

Staff members are invited to contribute information to the site which utilises web 2.0 technology through links to twitter, facebook and a YouTube station.

The Insider’s Guide to UNE can be found at http://blog.une.edu.au/studentexperience/

Information for posts can be forwarded to studentsupport@une.edu.au.

The site is currently undergoing a refurbishment , the new version to be launched in time for 2010 Orientation.