$5 million boost to UNE’s high speed digital future

Published 16 October 2009

binaryAustralia’s oldest regional university, the University of New England, will receive a multi-million dollar upgrade to its Information Technology infrastructure.

$5 Million will be received by UNE from the Australian Government to enhance the University’s teaching and learning facilities.

Vice-Chancellor, Professor Alan Pettigrew welcomed the funding which will support UNE’s position as a leader in distance education, by providing a faster, higher speed digital capacity.

“UNE has a great tradition in quality distance education and this funding will ensure that UNE continues as a market leader now and into the future.”

Professor Pettigrew said the $5 Million will assist the University to become a global leader in the provision of digital education, and will greatly enhance our linkages with colleagues, both domestically and internationally.

“This funding will connect UNE at high speed to the world’s most sophisticated teaching and research networks, enabling us to fully engage with our student and research collaborations and networks,” Professor Pettigrew said.

Chancellor of UNE, Dr Richard Torbay, said the funding was significant and was a sign the Australian Government was prepared to invest in regional educational infrastructure.

He said the Australian Government is to be commended for its commitment to the rebuilding and restoration of regional campus facilities and priorities.

“Reliable high speed digital connectivity is increasingly a fundamental requirement to the successful delivery of teaching and learning, support services for students and staff, and the conduct of research,” Dr Torbay said.

“This is a great boost to the University and will ensure have the best facilities available for our future researchers and students,” Dr Torbay said.