Street endorses UNE’s new governance structure

Published 17 September 2009

streetUniversity of New England Chancellor Richard Torbay has welcomed Sir Laurence Street’s endorsement of the University’s new governance discussion paper.

He said the former NSW Chief Justice spoke at the UNE Council meeting in Sydney yesterday regarding the progress made on the issue.

“Sir Laurence has been a great supporter of UNE over a very long period and was asked for his advice on setting new governance arrangements at the University,” Dr Torbay said.

“University staff have worked hard to complete this task and the discussion paper was tabled at the meeting. It was encouraging for us to have Sir Laurence’s hearty endorsement for this improved structure.”

Sir Laurence (pictured) gave his endorsement to the University’s new direction, contained in a discussion paper “Pursuing Best Practice in University Governance”.

He addressed the Council at length on the issues highlighted by Council’s review process, and gave his views on measures to keep UNE at the forefront of fair, principled and effective governance.

Dr Torbay said the governance discussion paper would ensure the University had the necessary protocols in place to govern more effectively in the future.

“We are confident that UNE has a bright future and that we are all moving in the right direction to take advantage of the many opportunities presenting themselves,” he said.

“It is always valuable to have the guidance and goodwill of people with such wide experience as Sir Laurence and we owe him a debt of gratitude for his contribution.”

The former NSW Chief Justice has had a long association with UNE and was involved in establishing the Law School in 1993.

He has made many visits to the campus over the years since and has made himself readily available to give advice and assistance when requested.

“Sir Laurence was made an honorary doctor of economics at the University of New England in 1996 in recognition of his outstanding judicial career and for his contribution to UNE over a long period,” Dr Torbay said. “His continuing engagement means a lot to the University.”

The discussion paper will be released shortly. 

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