Anton Enus inspires media students at UNE

Published 07 September 2009

antonAnton Enus, the presenter of SBS television’s “World News Australia”, inspired current and prospective students at the University of New England last Friday when he spoke about the day-to-day excitement of a career in journalism.

His talk was part of the University’s annual Open Day program.

Reflecting on his own career in South African radio and television – and then at SBS Australia – Mr Enus (pictured here) said: “I’ve always been very thankful about being able to work in journalism. It’s a wonderfully stimulating environment to work in: I learn from other people every day.”

“It’s a hard-nosed industry,” he said, “but there’s room for people who want to pursue a softer, more creative approach.” As an exponent himself of such an approach, he spoke about his reaction – sometimes initially one of “outrage” – to the “intrusive, door-stopping interview style” of some television news reporting.

“I was always attracted to broadcasting,” he explained, “and the excitement has never gone away. It’s very stimulating – a pleasure going to work every day.”

Mr Enus, who won a Bokmakierie Award for radio current affairs and a “Best International Report” award as a correspondent for CNN, modestly remarks that much of his career success has been due to “serendipity” – “being in the right place at the right time”.

In his talk, and in his response to questions from the audience, he advised those interested in a career in the media to get “a good grounding in life experience” and emphasised the importance of “on-the-job experience”. He also spoke about the value of university degree programs in communication media: their emphasis on accuracy of reporting, their debates about professional ethics, and their informed perspectives on the industry.

“Staff and students of UNE’s Media and Communication Studies courses found the session especially valuable and entertaining,” said Associate Professor Dugald Williamson, the Convener of Communication Studies. Professor Jennie Shaw, Head of UNE’s School of Arts, thanked SBS and the Friends of the ABC for making the event possible and “for giving high-school, TAFE and UNE students who are interested in media and current affairs access to someone of Anton’s profile, experience and calibre”.

The previous day – Thursday 3 September – Mr Enus gave a public lecture at UNE hosted by the Friends of the ABC, UNE’s School of Arts, and the newly-founded Arts New England Centre for Research and Innovation in the Arts. In the well-attended lecture to raise funds for the Friends of the ABC, Mr Enus spoke about his experiences in news reporting and broadcasting in South Africa and Australia.

THE PHOTOGRAPH of Anton Enus displayed here expands to include Associate Professor Dugald Williamson and Professor Jennie Shaw.