Outstanding Duval alumnus inspires current students

Published 03 June 2009

scottDr Adam Scott, Director of Cardiac Sciences at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, came back to  Duval College at the University of New England last week, inspiring current students with his outstanding career achievements.

Dr Scott (pictured here) was the guest speaker at the College’s annual Dinner and Address last Thursday (28 May).

“Duval College hosts a former collegian annually as an ‘inspirational speaker’, explained the College’s Principal, Edwina Ridgway. “Dr Adam Scott is an exceptional person to have in our year of celebrating our 50th anniversary.”

Dr Scott graduated from UNE in 1998 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Physiology, and from the University of London in 2003 with a PhD in Cardiac Medicine. While at Duval College he won two “Sportsman of the Year” awards, and he continues his adventurous and enthusiastic participation in sports such as skiing and surfing. In 2005 he was selected in the Australian team for the World Triathlon Championships in Hawaii, where he gained 49th place and performed a personal best. He is an Adjunct Associate Professor at Bond University and Queensland University of Technology.

Mrs Ridgway recalled that, in his Duval College days, Adam Scott “made the absolute most of every extracurricular opportunity available to him”. “His life story is, I believe, testament to a wonderful youthful exuberance that – after the realisation of a defined focus and passion – leads eventually to enormous success,” she said.

In his talk, Dr Scott urged the Duval College students to make the most of every opportunity in order to realise their true potential. “He is absolutely passionate about his work,” Mrs Ridgway said, “but he also maintains his interest and participation in world-class triathlons and high-level skiing and surfing, and ensures that he balances all this with his family life.”

“He was one of the most effective inspirational speakers that the College has had in years,” she concluded.

THE PHOTOGRAPH of Dr Adam Scott displayed here expands to show him and Edwina Ridgway at the Duval College Dinner.