UNE supporting regional innovation

Published 15 April 2009

lightbulbThe University of New England is proudly supporting innovation in the New England Northwest region through a major award recognising excellence and innovation by organisations and individuals in the region.

The Prime Super Northern Inland Innovation Awards recognise the contribution made by regional businesses and individuals to the economic prosperity and well-being of the region’s communities and residents, as well as showcasing and promoting initiatives, products and services from the region that display innovation.

The awards are given in five categories: Agriculture/Horticulture and Associated Services, Tourism/Leisure and Related Services, Professional and Retail Services, Manufacturing and Engineering, and Research and Education.

Nominations are invited from individuals and businesses currently producing or developing innovative services or products in accordance with the definition “What is Innovation”?

Finalists will be selected by the Northern Inland Regional Development Board’s Innovation Awards Committee and invited to attend the Innovation Expo on Saturday,  May 30, 2009 and the awards night to be held that evening. Finalists will also be invited to showcase their products and services at the expo.

UNE’s chief development officer, Chris Patton, said: “UNE is pleased to support these awards as a way of encouraging regional innovation. They certainly fit with UNE’s strategic goal of achieving regional to global impact.”

Mr Patton strongly encouraged UNE staff to nominate for the awards, noting that UNE was a centre of innovation in many if not all the award categories.

Nomination forms can be completed online at http://www.niia.com.au. Applications need to have a photo and 200 words about the business, group or individual and their innovative idea attached.