Lucy Mentoring Program holds the keys to success

Published 05 March 2009

Lucy participantsUNE is again offering the highly successful Lucy Mentoring Program to women students studying law, business, accounting, finance and economics.  If you are in your third or final year of your studies and have achieved consistently throughout your degree then you are invited to apply to be part of the Lucy Program.

“Lucy” as it is called, is an innovative mentoring program which will inspire, motivate and educate women about the opportunities available for employment and leadership in major corporations and the public sector. Since the Lucy Program began in 2006,  350 students have graduated from the program.

“Lucy” is a partnership between the NSW Office for Women, Women Chiefs of Enterprises International and the University of Sydney, Western Sydney, New South Wales, Newcastle, Wollongong and the University of New England.

The Lucy Mentoring Program aims to match our students with local men and women in senior positions in either the public or private sector.  The purpose of the mentoring relationship is to communicate to women the diversity of opportunities available for them in the private and public sector.

Here at UNE, the Lucy Program is jointly co-ordinated by Ms Airlie Bell and Ms Julia Perryman from Careers Assist and Dr Lou Conway from the School of Business, Economics and Public Policy.  Students are invited to attend an information session on Thursday 12 March from 4-5pm in the Lewis Seminar Room in the Economics Business and Law Building.