Coast Run campaign takes off for its 30th year

Published 27 February 2009

discountThe annual Earle Page College Coast Run fund-raising campaign, which last year raised $35,000 for the Children’s Medical Research Institute, is under way for 2009 – the Coast Run’s 30th year.

Culminating each September in the Coast Run itself (from the University of New England to Coffs Harbour), the campaign has a variety of fund-raising components. One of those is the Earle Page College Charity Coast Run Discount Card. At a cost of just $20, the card entitles its holder to discounts at about 50 businesses around Armidale.

“The card is a fantastic way for students to save money and, at the same time, to help support medical research,” said this year’s Discount Card Coordinator, Myee Gregory. “It’s an investment. One student last week saved $148 on her textbooks. As well as the 15 per cent discount at the United Campus Bookshop, the card can be used multiple times at the participating businesses until the end of November.”

The Vice-Chancellor of UNE, Professor Alan Pettigrew, is the Coast Run’s Patron. Professor Pettigrew bought one of the discount cards last week when he officially launched this year’s campaign. He said that, as a former medical researcher himself, he was “a particularly enthusiastic supporter” of the students’ activities to raise funds for the Children’s Medical Research Institute.

“Their involvement in this campaign adds a dimension of social engagement to their UNE experience,” Professor Pettigrew said. “And in working together to achieve such worthwhile results they develop valuable skills and make lasting friendships.”

Myee Gregory is the daughter of the Coast Run’s founder Brent Gregory, who is now a lecturer in UNE’s School of Business, Economics and Public Policy. “While we hope to raise a record amount of money this year for the Children’s Medical Research Institute,” she said, “our aim for 2009 is to do this while having fun, so that people who are involved in the Coast Run enjoy the experience and become inspired to continue to serve their community.”

“The discount card, which is being sold outside the United Campus Bookshop until the middle of next week, is designed to benefit students,” Ms Gregory explained, “with discounts available at 18 food outlets and 13 clothing and beauty businesses, as well as savings on office needs and leisure activities.”

The card is available from the Earle Page College office (phone 6773 5300), and will be on sale in the first few months of this year at Armidale’s Markets in the Mall and Autumn Festival.

Coast Run fund-raising activities later in the year will include a fashion parade in May and an auction in August.

THE PHOTOGRAPH displayed here, showing Professor Alan Pettigrew and the Earle Page College Coast Run Convener, Ben Bowman, expands to include Myee Gregory. It was taken when Professor Pettigrew launched this year’s Coast Run campaign, buying a discount card.