Smart bottom line for UNE gym users

Published 21 January 2009

Sport UNE joggerNew state-of-the-art-gym equipment costing $150,000 installed at the University of New England’s Sport UNE complex promises better results for less effort than conventional equipment, according to UNE Gym coordinator, Tim Hayes.

You'd better believe it, said Tim, you can now get a full body work out in under half an hour. I have done it, and it's great; there are so many new toys to play with and so many new and exciting ways to use them. But the best thing is the way the machines actually feel – not only are they more comfortable but it feels like you are getting a better workout as you use them.

He said the circuit basically consisted of 30 new items of biomechanically engineered fitness gear at 15 stations that targeted different body parts to give a full body workout, and added that it was really easy to use and could be done without supervision.

Anyone can get a great workout on their own at a time that suits them, he said. It's specifically designed for people who haven't necessarily used a gym before or are new to weight training so is great for beginners as well as advanced gym goers. The circuit has been in use for a few weeks now and some of the most popular machines are the chest press and the glute machine which we haven't had before.

But, What is a glute machine? one might ask.  Tim said, How do I say this delicately? It targets the backside!  What it does is shape and tone that part of the body in a way that many people have been looking for and the response so far has been really positive.

The equipment represents the second stage of a three-part grant awarded to UNE under the voluntary student unionism (VSU) transition fund. The total value of the grant is $5 million. Other facilities ear-marked for grant funds include a new multi-purpose gym and swimming pool development.

In April of last year a team of fitness professionals from Sport UNE travelled to Sydney and were so impressed by Life Fitness and Hammerstrength equipment it became their first choice.

According to Group Fitness Coodinator, Mally McKenzie, the University could confidently claim to have the biggest and most comprehensively, well equipped fitness centre of the region and that the upcoming redevelopments of Sport  UNE's facilities, including a new gym area, would confirm Sport UNE's position as New England's premier sports and recreation facility.

“We’re still the cheapest in town despite having new equipment", said Mally. We’ve also got the largest facility in the region, and what other place offers as much as we do:  Gym, Group Fitness classes and programs, the Pool, the Pool Inflatable, Tennis courts, Squash and Badminton Courts, Volleyball, Basketball, Netball; a Rock Climbing Wall, Grass fields with goals and markings for Rugby Union, Rugby League, AFL, Soccer, Cricket fields and nets and a Vacation Care program for kids,” she said.

We are planning a Sport UNE Open Day in March so the public can try our new equipment and facilities for free. There'll be staff on hand to answer any questions and we will be showcasing our group fitness classes as well, which are free to attend, she concluded.