Partnerships bear fruit at Hong Kong graduation

Published 05 December 2008

wong.jpgThe University of New England has celebrated productive partnerships with three Hong Kong universities at a UNE graduation ceremony in Hong Kong.

Sixty-two students from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong  Shue Yan  University, and the City University of Hong Kong graduated with UNE degrees this year. Forty-two of them attended the ceremony at “The Mira Hong Kong”, Kowloon, on Wednesday 19 November.

In giving the Occasional Address at the ceremony, the Vice-Chancellor of UNE, Professor Alan Pettigrew, said the occasion was a celebration of both past achievements and future potential. “A graduate’s responsibility is to bring about constructive change in society,” he said, “and to do this, he or she should be open to the concept of life-long learning.”

Professor Pettigrew thanked the Hong Kong universities and their staff – represented at the ceremony by Dr Chan Shui Kin from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Dr Ann Moir-Bussy from Shue Yan University, and Dr Charles Wong from the City University of Hong Kong.

The UNE degrees conferred at the ceremony, and taught through the Hong Kong universities, are: Master of Administrative Leadership, Master of Health Science (Gerontology), Master of Counselling, Bachelor of Professional Studies, Bachelor of Administrative Leadership, and Bachelor of Arts (Communication and Management).

Wong Pui Shan Sky (pictured here), from Shue Yan University, who graduated with a Master of Counselling degree, gave the vote of thanks on behalf of the graduates. “UNE presented us with the opportunity to further our studies and to attain our degrees,” she said. “We have not only grown more knowledgeable, but have also developed practical skills, communication skills, and a strong sense of responsibility.”

“UNE and the Hong  Kong academic staff worked hard and were dedicated to their students,” she continued.  “Each professor brought to us different skills and knowledge and helped us to grow.”

Among the representative of UNE at the ceremony were the Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean of the Faculty of The Professions, Professor Victor Minichiello, the Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Professor Margaret Sedgley, and the Chief Development Officer, Mr Chris Patton.

THE PHOTOGRAPH of Wong Pui Shan Sky displayed here was taken as she delivered the vote of thanks at the Hong Kong graduation ceremony. Clicking on this image reveals a photograph of Wong Pui Shan Sky with the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Alan Pettigrew.