Zoominar Dr Daniel Gregg (UNEBS)

Dr Daniel Gregg from UNE Business School

“Do we need to go further in analysing and intervening in value chain upgrading?"

Date: Thu 29th Oct 2020 11:00am

Location: Zoom
Contact: Emilio Morales  emilio.morales@une.edu.au 2031

The AARES New England Branch and the UNEBS R&RT Committee cordially invite you to the Zoominar of Dr Daniel Gregg (UNE Business School).

The session will be held on Thursday 29th October at 11:00 AM through Zoom (Password: 414105).

Abstract: Economic analysis of value chains can provide insights into the constraints and opportunities for smallholder-inclusive value chain upgrading. However, there has been limited research on what happens after households participate in upgrading activities. Can we assume that greater income is used effectively to push households onto a wealth-accumulation pathway out of chronic poverty? Or are there deeply-seated behavioural aspects that are create stronger obstacles to alleviating chronic poverty than access to high-value markets? In this presentation I make the case that we need to go further, and think more carefully, about how payments vehicles for farmers and labourers in value chains might be modified to improve household welfare outcomes. Three papers (one under review and two advanced working papers) will be summarized that outline a range of perspectives on behavioural factors, and the potential role of behavioural interventions to enhance the welfare-related outcomes of value chain upgrading activities. A range of possible interventions are proposed that provide both potentially improved welfare outcomes for households and for reducing cash flow burdens on lead firms undertaking upgrading activities. I summarise with an appeal for agricultural economists and agri-business specialists to consider ‘going further’ in their research and to take the case up with your respective journals to broaden editorial perspectives on what constitutes a relevant topic for a peer-reviewed article.

Daniel Gregg is a Research Fellow at the UNE Business School, University of New England, with a focus on rural development, institutional design in ethical value chains and understanding the limits of human decision making in complex scenarios. Daniel has worked extensively in rural development projects and seeks to apply economic concepts to value chain interventions with a specific focus on smallholder inclusivity and quality-upgrading. With experience across Experimental Economics, Environmental Valuation, Production Analysis, Rural Development, and Applied Econometrics, he has a broad range of expertise that fits well within complex projects. Daniel has supervised PhD students working on topics including production analysis, rural development, food/nutritional analysis and more. He has also worked as Research Fellow at the Centre for Global Food and Resources, University of Adelaide, as a consultant for the OECD and World Bank, the latter more recently on policy mechanisms to improve agro-food marketing and he is currently an Associate Editor of the Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics (AJARE). Daniel also is co-founder and co-owner of an ethical coffee company (Intersection Traders Pty. Ltd.) that implements some of the innovations in supply chains he has worked on in research projects.

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