Science on the Road

Flame pic from Wytaliba School

Science presented by the Australian Museum and UNE

Date: Thu 18th Oct 2018 9:30am - 20th Oct 2018 3:00pm

Location: UNE Tamworth Centre, Town Hall, Bicentennial Park (TAMWORTH)
Contact: Dr Kirsti Abbott 6773 2834

UNE and the Australian Museum will hold a 3-day event in Tamworth to bring hands-on shows, activities and experiences in STEM to our region for primary students (Years 5 and 6), high school students (Years 7–10) and the general public.

Science on the Road will replace Far Out Science in 2018.

Science on the Road brings Years 5–10 students from schools from around northern NSW to Tamworth for hands-on, interactive STEM activities, across disciplines, facilitated by scientists, educators and communicators from both the Australian Museum and UNE. On offer will be:

  • forensics, volcanoes and bush food sessions presented by the Australian Museum
  • Fact or Fiction by ANSTO
  • chemistry, geology, neuroscience, coding, ecology and sports science by UNE.

Contact Dr Kirsti Abbott for further information.

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