Business Seminar Series

Visiting professor presents paper on Strategic Orientation in SMEs

Date: Tue 20th Nov 2018 11:00am

Location: UNE Business School, Lecture Theatre 2 (W40)

Presenter: Professor Tommi Laukkanen, University of Eastern Finland

'Strategic Orientation in SMEs: Some empirical findings'

Abstract strategic orientations, such as market orientation, entrepreneurial orientation, and brand orientation, refer to the guiding principles that affect the companies’ decision making regarding marketing and strategies. Consequently, strategic orientation can be considered as a general term that reflects a company’s different kinds of strategic weights. While earlier research focused mainly on analysing only one orientation at a time, recently researchers increasingly argue that strategic orientations must not be considered as mutually exclusive, and note that strategic orientations do not exist in isolation, but companies can and do have multiple strategic orientations.

Accordingly, this seminar presents empirical findings of the effects of different strategic orientations on company performance in SMEs. The findings show that, indeed, different strategic orientations have different effects on the performance of SMEs. Moreover, the findings evince internal and external contingencies moderating the effects.

About the speaker

Professor Tommi Laukkanen is a professor of marketing at the University of Eastern Finland Business School. He received his PhD from Lappeenranta University of Technology. His current research interests include marketing analytics, innovation adoption and resistance, consumer behaviour, bank marketing, and SME marketing management. He has published over 100 peer-reviewed international scientific articles and is globally among the leading scholars in electronic banking.

His works have appeared in journals such as Journal of Business Research, Industrial Marketing Management, International Marketing Review, Tourism Management, Journal of Small Business Management, Journal of Consumer Marketing, International Journal of Information Management, International Journal of Bank Marketing, International Journal of Mobile Communications, and others. He serves in editorial boards of International Journal of Information Management, International Journal of Bank Marketing, and International Journal of Electronic Finance. He is an active member of the scientific community and has presented his research results globally in North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

Professor Tommi Laukkanen is also a group leader for Marketing Research Group (MRG). Marketing Research Group studies the success creating marketing actions of SMEs and consumer behaviour on the marketplace. The special focus of the group is on brand research and the role of brands in creating customer value and business success. Cross-national and cross-cultural research settings are of special interest. The group mainly applies advanced quantitative research methods and modelling but uses qualitative research approach too. The group contributes to marketing literature and aims to publish in highly ranked international refereed journals.

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