Arts Research Seminar

Approaches to Multi-Performer and Multi-Modal Works Using Gestural Interfaces

Date: Thu 27th Sep 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm

Location: Oorala Lecture Theatre, Building E22, UNE
Contact: Alana Blackburn  ablackb6 6773 4240

Presenter: Dr Donna Hewitt

Historically the human body has been visually absent in electronic and computer music performance. Many artists have been exploring strategies to reintegrate the body into performance in order to improve the aesthetic experience for themselves and their audiences. Gestural interface design has been an area of huge research and development, with many artists now designing their own interfaces and large software companies designing specialised interfaces for improved usability of computer software specifically for live performance contexts.

Many artists are concerned with the visual experience for their audience and this has been a driver for a lot of gestural controller design. Additionally, artists often include other media elements such as video and lighting as a way to enhance the overall visual experience for their audiences. In many cases these elements are also controlled by or aligned with bodily gesture. The presentation will include a discussion of a number of recent creative works by the presenter as well as other artists working in gestural interface design area.

The works discussed will include multi-performer approaches as well as multi-modal works that employ bodily movement, visual, as well as sound/music elements. What the range of works demonstrate, is how gestural instruments are often highly personalised and individual performers are often informed by past performance experiences, physical patterns and artistic intentions.

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