Art and mental health resilience day

A community day will be conducted for Aboriginal people of the Tamworth Region.

Date: Sat 2nd May 2020 10:00am-4:00pm

Location: Coledale Community Centre, Kenny St, Coledale, Tamworth, NSW
Contact: Prof Kim Usher 0408073427

The Art and Mental Health Resilience Day has been postponed.
For further information on UNE policy regarding events and social gatherings, visit our coronavirus information page.

The event, funded by a Primary Health Network Empowering our Communities drought grant, has been designed and is being planned in partnership with the School of Health, UNE, Walhallow Aboriginal Corporation, the Tamworth Family Support Service and members of the Coledale Cultural Advisory Group.

The aim of the day is to provide a number of activities to enhance the local community’s mental health, wellbeing and resilience. A variety of workshops will be conducted across the day including drawing, weaving, painting, meditation, felting, and yoga. Activities for children will be included on the day. Local Elders will be in attendance to yarn with attendees. A number of speakers will be invited on the day-names and details to be released later. Activities such as the one proposed have the ability to improve social and emotional wellbeing, enhance community engagement and socialisation, and improve community empowerment, unity and resilience. The planned art/craft/meditation workshops will provide skills that can be used later to develop new ways to cope with life stressors and enhance wellbeing and resilience. It will also offer the communities a variety of activities that can be planned as ongoing joint activities to help build future community engagement and resilience.

Mental health services will be available on the day to provide an opportunity for community members to be exposed to mental health support that they may not otherwise access. Transport will be provided and refreshments served throughout the day. All activities will be offered free of charge and all resources required provided.

An evaluation of the event (both quantitative and qualitative) will be conducted to help with planning and delivery of future community events.

The event is fully catered.