College Event Form

All planned events for 20 people or more, in the residential system, are required to be registered and approved by Safety & Security and the Head of College. Everything you need to complete is on this page.

Events will be approved subject to:

  1. Approval from Safety & Security
  2. Approval from Head of College
  3. Compliance with the UNE Student Alcohol and Other drugs policy
  4. Compliance with the NSW Liquour Act 2007
  5. Liquour Promotion Guidelines
  6. Compliance with the Residential Code of Conduct
  7. Request must be submitted (minimum) 14 Days prior to the event
Apply for an Event

Step 1: Download and complete the WHS Alcohol Events Registration and Risk Assessment form.

Step 2: Take the form, once completed, to your Head of College for review and sign off.

Step 3: Request an Event (link only works in Chrome)

TIP: Have your WHS Alcohol Events Registration and Risk Assessment form complete and ready to go, as you will need to attach this before submission.

TIP: ‘Copy and paste’ page 1 of form WHS F070 in to the ‘details’ section of the event registration portal (this will save you having to re-type all of the details).

Step 4: Submit the request and wait for an email from Safety & Security approving your event.