Sport in the Colleges

Inter-collegiate sporting competitions

President's Trophy and Mary Bagnall Trophy

The President's Trophy for men and the Mary Bagnall Trophy for women are both contested by UNE college residents, across a wide range of sports.

Mary Bagnall Trophy President's Trophy
Swimming Carnival Swimming Carnival
10,000m Run 10,000m Run
3,000m Run 3,000m Run
Hockey Hockey
Golf Golf
Netball Rugby Union 10s
Water Polo Water Polo
5000m Run 5000m Run
4 x 100m Run 4 x 100m run
Lawn Bowls Lawn Bowls
Hodsdons Relay Hodsdons Relay
Football Football
Volleyball Volleyball
Athletics Athletics
Touch Touch
Ultimate Frisbee Ultimate Frisbee
Basketball Basketball
AFL 9s AFL 9s
Tennis Tennis
Badminton Badminton
Cross Country Cross Country
Run/Swim Run/Swim