Senior Common Room and Alumni

Senior Common RoomAlumni

The Robb College Senior Common Room (SCR) is a group of people who have a keen interest in Robb College and helping its student to excel academically and personally.

The members of the SCR are involved in the College, the local community and the University. They attend college events, assist in fundraising and offer support and advice. They also get involved in the sporting and cultural pursuits of the college. Robb College students are encouraged to contact the SCR members for help with their studies, for personal support or just for a chat. To get a picture of the varied interests and experience of the Senior Common Room, click through on the box below for more insight.

Profiles of the Senior Common Room

Sahar Alian 

Qualifications: Bachelor of Science (Environmental Engineering), Master of Science (Geoinformatics)

Contacts: Ph: 02 6773 4550 (wk) 0434197984 (mob) Email:

Areas of assistance: GIS, Surveying, Remote Sensing, Geography

Interests: Swimming, Running, Mountain Climbing, Reading.

Sanaz AlianSanaz Alian

Qualifications: Master of Urban and Regional Planning (UNE), Bachelor of Urban Development Engineering (IAU)

Contacts: 02 6773 4550 (wk); 0408 733 456 (mob) Email:

Areas of assistance: Urban and Regional Planning, Human and Retail Geography, Urban Design, GIS, Support for International and first year students

Interests: Playing Violin, Reading books, Listening to music (The Church and Steve Kilbey), Yoga, Cooking, Watching movies.

Professor Derek BakerDerek Baker

Qualifications: Ph.D (Pennsylvania State University), B Agr Sc (1st Class Honours) (Massey University)

Contacts: 02 6773 2627 (wk) 0429 905 093 (mob) Email:, Office 411, Building W40, UNE Business School

Areas of assistance: Agricultural systems, Economics, Mathematics, Careers and contacts

Interests: Chains and Networks in Agriculture and Food, Livestock systems, Rugby, Triathlon

Steven Broun S Broun

Qualifications: B.Ag.Ec (UNE), Assoc. Dip. Bus.(Val). AAPI (Associate of Australian Property Institute)

Contacts: 02 6772-2220 (wk); 0427 885 778 (mob) Email:

Areas of assistance: Rural/Agribusiness, Property Consultancy/Property Valuation, Employment opportunities for students in Armidale and district

Interests:Primary production particularly cattle, Rural issues, Most sports particularly rugby, Robb College of course.

Robb resident from 1983 to 1986

Caroline CouplandCaroline Coupland

Qualifications: Bachelor of Laws, Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, Graduate Certificate (Env. Science)

Contacts: 04178 186 920 (Mob) Email:

Areas of assistance: Regulatory Law, Financial Services Law, Companies Law, Corporate Governance, Government, (First Year Environmental & Marine Science)

Interests: Williams Syndrome, Disabilities sector, Government and politics (international and national), Hiking, running and certainly not least Millie, Charlotte & Harriet Coupland.

Katrina Dickson

Qualifications:Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Rural Science with Honours, Graduate Diploma in Agricultural Economics, Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture.

Contacts: 0429 461 092 (mob) Email:

Areas of assistance: Business management, Human resource management, Organisational behaviour, Natural resource management, Academic writing.

Interests: Overseas travel, Snow skiing, Cycling, walking, and yoga, Positive psychology, Change and diversity.

Peter DundonPeter Dundon

Qualifications:Bachelor of Agricultural Economics (UNE), Graduate Certificate in Rural Science (breeding & genetics)

Contacts: 02 6773 4516 (wk); 0428 598 696 (mob) Email:

Areas of assistance: Livestock transport and exports, Feedlot management, Extension and technology transfer, Animal handling and welfare, Meat Judging.

Interests: Rugby, Travel, Livestock, Working dog, International meat and livestock trade.

Sharon Dundon 

Qualifications: Bachelor of Rural Science (UNE), Masters of Rural Science (UNE) – Specializing in animal welfare and long-distance road transport

Contacts: 02 6773 4517 (wk) 0427 255 335 (mob) Email:

Areas of assistance: Livestock exports, Animal Welfare, Research and Development, Extension and technology transfer. Livestock transport, Livestock Handling.

Interests: Water Skiing, Travel, Livestock, Gardening, Sewing.

Dr Cameron MooreC Moore

Qualifications: BA (Hons) (UWA), LLB (UNSW), LLM (JCU), Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Western Australia, PhD (ANU).

Contacts: 6773 2850 (wk) Email:

Areas of assistance: Law and Arts related subjects

Interests: Military Law, Environmental and Natural Resources Law Constitutional and International Law, Water Polo and Rugby.

Lyndall Nairn lyndall nairn

Qualifications: B.A. (English) Macquarie University, Dip. Ed. Sydney Teachers’ College, M.A. (General Linguistics and Teaching English as a Second Language) University of Pittsburgh.

Contacts: 02 6773 3871, 0455 285 637 (mob) Email:

Areas of assistance:Academic writing and study skills, Tutor training

Interests:Reading, gardening, travel, sewing, spending time with friends and family.

Dr Adam Smith adam smith

Qualifications:BSc, DipNatRes (UNE), MAppSc (SCU), MSocSc (RMITU), PhD (UNE)

Contacts: 02 6649 3419 (wk) 0428 493 419 (mob) Email:

Areas of assistance:Ecology / Biodiversity, Natural Resources Management, Wildlife and water sciences, International development.

Interests: Rowing, bush walking, reading, music, small-acreage farming.

Dr Mark Southwell mark southwell

Qualifications: Doctor of Philosophy, University of Canberra, Bachelor of Earth and Land Science (Hons), University of Canberra.

Contacts:  02 6773 2656 (wk); 0427 785 344 (mob) Email:

Areas of assistance: Physical Geography, Water Science, Natural Hazards

Interests: Bowhunting, fishing, camping/hiking, four wheel driving, mountain biking.

Dr Meg Travers Meg Travers

Qualifications: Master of Liberal Arts (Cultural and Environmental Heritage), ANU, Bachelor of Science/ Bachelor of Arts, ANU, PhD, UNE

Contacts: 02 6773 2801 (wk); 0488 189 772 (mob) Email:

Areas of assistance: Archaeology, Rock art research.

Interests: Bush walking, camping, reading, kayaking.

Katherine Gash

Qualifications: Dip FS (Financial Planning), Certificate IV Workplace Training and Assessment

Contacts: 0428 854 322 (mob), Email:

Areas of assistance: Event Management, protocols and procedures.

Interests: Travel, Egyptian history, gardening, spending time with my family.

Associate Professor R.D.B. (Wal) WhalleyW Whalley

Qualifications: B.Sc Agr (Syd), PhD (Calif)

Contacts: Office:  Rm 197, Botany. Ph: 02 6773 2477 (wk) 02 6772 3499 (home) Email:

Areas of assistance: Biology – Ecology, Grasses – particularly native grasses, Weed management

Interests: Fishing, particularly for trout, Hunting, Rangeland Science, Students.

Andrew Wood andrew wood

Qualifications: B.App.Sc. (Ag.) (Hawksbury)

Contacts:02 6775 1636 (wk); 0427 751 636 (mob) Email:

Areas of assistance: Farm Management, Marketing, Personal Development.

Interests: Team sport, Community Service, Mountain Bikes, Church.

Louisa WoodLouisa Wood

Qualifications: Diploma of Education

Contacts: 02 6775 1636 (wk); 0428 751 636 (mob), Email:

Areas of assistance: Education, Personal development

Interests: Horses / Hacking (and other disciplines), photography, hockey, water skiing.


The Alumni Association is where you end up once you leave College! Its main objectives are to keep past students in touch with the College and each other and to promote the interests of Robb College and its students. This is done through social functions and the Robb Roundup newsletter.

Past Robb students can also offer the potential for work experience and job contacts. You can contact alumni members through the College Office and UNE Alumni, and stay in touch with College happenings and social functions via the Robb Roundup newsletter.