Parking Permits

Apply for a Parking Permit

UNE has Seven (7) Permit categories on campus. Four (3) of these categories can be applied for on-line. They are:

Blue Permits

  • There are no restrictions on who can purchase a blue parking permit.
  • Vehicles displaying a Blue permit are permitted to park in blue parking bays only.

Red Permits

  • Red bays will be first offered and allocated to staff that hold the position of Director / Head of School or above.
  • Any Red bays that have not been allocated to Directors / Head of School or above will be allocated to eligible staff and/or students by FMS.
  • All decisions regarding the allocation of red parking bays will be final.
  • Red parking bays are numbered and are for the exclusive use of the allocated permit holder during the prescribed hours of operation.
  • Red parking bays allocated to members of staff who leave employment of the university or students who cease to be enrolled must surrender their assigned bay for reallocation on their separation date from the University.
  • Red permit holders are eligible for a blue parking permit to a corresponding time frame upon surrender of the red parking permit.
  • Vehicles displaying a red permit are permitted to park in blue bays.
  • Please note that the closing date for our red permits will be Friday 8th February 2019.

Green Permits - Service Vehicles

  • Service vehicle permits are made available to university motor fleet vehicles and approved contracted service providers upon application.
  • Vehicles displaying a green permit are permitted to park in green and blue permit bays and loading zones for extended periods to that signposted.

Gold Permits

  • Gold permits are issued to members of the UNE Council free of charge by FMS.
  • The holder of a valid gold permit is permitted to park in blue, green, pink and purple bays as well as loading zones and timed bays for extended periods to that signposted.
  • Members of the UNE Council who leave or resign their position from Council must surrender their Gold Permit on their separation date from Council.

Yellow Permits - Special Works

  • Special works permits are available to trade contractors involved in project works being undertaken on a university campus & are issued by FMS.
  • The holder of a special works permit is permitted to park in specially cordoned off temporary project parking zones only.

Pink Permits - Booloominbah Collection

  • Booloominbah Collection permits are issued by Services UNE and are for the exclusive use of patrons of the Booloominbah Collection. Pink permit bays in the Booloominbah car park operate between the hours of 11.30am and 2.30pm Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.
  • Pink permit bays in the Booloominbah car park outside the 11.30am to 2.30pm time frame operate as timed bays.
  • Vehicles displaying a pink permit are permitted to park in pink permit bays only.

Purple - Parking Tickets

  • Parking tickets are made available to visitors by means of parking ticket machines.
  • Vehicles displaying a valid parking ticket are permitted to park in designated purple and blue permit parking bays only.
  • Daily parking tickets are sold on a pro rate basis.
  • Weekly parking tickets are sold at flat rate.
Distribution of Blue, Red, & Green Permits.
  • For Blue & Green Permits you can either elect to collect your permit from Safety & Security or have it mailed to you. The choice is made when applying for the permit on-line.
  • For those successful Red Permit applicants you will have your permit mailed to you once payment has been received.

Annual Permits

  • Available - Blue, Red, Green & Gold.
  • Annual Permits  - Period 1st March - 28/29th February.

Trimester Permits

  • Available - Blue & Red. There are 3 Trimester permits
    • Trimester 1 - Period 1st March - 30th June
    • Trimester 2 - Period 1st July - 31st October
    • Trimester 3 - Period 1st November - 28/29th February

Applications for Red Bays

  • Red bay applications closed on Friday 9th February 2018. Both Successful & non successful applicants will be contacted aprox 1 week after this date to advise the outcome of their application. Any unissued bays after this date are sold on a first come first served basis.
  • Those successful applicants will then be directed to pay for their permit on-line. Once payment is received the permit will then be mailed out.

Applications for Green Bays

Applications for Green Permits require approval. An email will be forwarded to the applicant after the application has been submitted on line & reviewed advising the outcome of the application.

Salary Sacrifice

The University offers a Salary Sacrifice arrangement for Annual & Trimester Red permits only. This arrangement allows for the full cost of the permit to be deducted from an individual's pay over 5 pays as a pre-tax (salary sacrifice) deduction. Those people who are successful in obtaining a Red bay will be advised where to access the Salary Sacrifice form when they receive the confirmation email.

If you have any questions regarding the Salary Sacrifice scheme please email and a staff member from HR will respond to your inquiry.