Cost of Parking

Due to the negative impact that the Corona-virus has had on both students & staff, the cost of parking permits will be waived for the remainder of 2020. For those that have already purchased a parking permit you have 3 options available :

  1. Refunded in full
  2. Deferred to 2021
  3. Donate the refunded amounts towards the student emergency assistance fund.

Details of how to apply & obtain a refund, donate the refund or defer your payment to cover your parking in 2021 will be announced shortly. Once all three options have been finalised we will be in contact with those who have purchased a Parking permit this year by email. We hope to have these details sent out to those impacted no later than the week after Easter.

Note Those parking on campus in 2020 still need to display a valid parking permit & comply with the UNE's Parking Policy & Procedures.

The cost of Parking Permits & Tickets on campus are as follow:

Permit Types

  • Blue  - Annual Permit - $92.......Waived for 2020 on 3rd April
  • Blue  - Trimester Permit - $47.......Waived for 2020 on 3rd April.....Waived on 3rd Ap
  • Red  - Annual Primary Reserve Permit - $562.......Waived for 2020 on 3rd April
  • Red  - Trimester Primary Reserved Permit - $226.......Waived for 2020 on 3rd April
  • Green  - Annual Contractor Permit - $57.......Waived for 2020 on 3rd April

Apply for a Parking Permit

Staff have available to them the option to pay for their Red Primary Reserved bay via Salary Sacrifice. More details about the Salary Sacrifice option can be found under Permit Parking.

Tickets - Purchased from a UNE Ticket Machine :

  • Purple - Daily - Minimum purchase $1.00 (equals 1 hour of Parking time) up to $8.00 (equals 8 hours of Parking time). Proportional rates apply in between.
  • Purple - 7 x days - $15.00

Note - A valid ticket or a Scratch & Display permit enables to holder to parking in either Purple Permit (visitor) or Blue Permit (General) bays only.

Tickets are purchased from any of the Parking Machines located on campus.

Scratch & Display Permits

Available for purchase to UNE Departments and Faculties, and outside organisations from Safety,Security & Information

  • Half Day (4 Hours) - $4.00
  • Full Day - (8 Hours) - $8.00
  • 7 day - (1 Week) - $15.00

Motor Cycles

Motorcycle parking on campus is free when parked in designated motorcycle parking areas. If a motorcycle is parked in either a Red, Silver, Blue, Purple or Green Permit bay it will be required to display the appropriate coloured permit.