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Submit an event for the UNE calendar

Event calendar entries are public facing and the content should be worded accordingly.

Submit events for UNE's public calendar after reading the following information. Links to submission forms are located at the bottom of this page.

Lead time — 5 days

It is recommended that you submit your listing five days before the beginning of the event, and prior to the release of any marketing material. This will allow time for it to be approved and published, and displayed on the site for a sufficient period of time.

Content you need to provide

  • Event name
  • Location
  • Date and time
  • Brief summary (100 characters max.)
  • Full description of the event
  • Image if possible (203px wide x 228px high; max 2MB)
  • Contact name, email and/or phone number for public enquiries (if relevant)
  • Any hyperlinks to registration or conference webpages if relevant.

Images: All images provided must be licenced for online promotional use by UNE, and/or appropriate attribution provided.

What content CANNOT be posted to the calendar

Documents, such as event posters or invitations in PDF or image format, cannot be uploaded with your event listing. The event description should outline all the information that people will need. From the calendar event, you can link to an registration page or email address for people to respond to if relevant.

What events can be promoted in the UNE calendar?

  • Events run or organised by UNE.
  • Those where UNE is significantly involved e.g. a book launch in town where the author is a UNE staff member or adjunct academic.

What events CANNOT be promoted in the UNE calendar?

  • Staff-only events — which should be promoted on the Staff landing page or inner pages of the Staff microsite.  Contact the Web Team if you have a staff-only event to promote.
  • Community-based events that UNE does not have any involvement with e.g. sporting club Christmas party.
  • UNE events that are not open to the public.

Link to the relevant event submission forms

Add single (one-off) event

Add a regular recurring (eg weekly, fortnightly or monthly) event