Corporate Events and Protocol

An official UNE Corporate Event is an event which is either sponsored by the Vice-Chancellor or is of significant importance to the University in terms of its strategic objectives, brand and reputation.

Official UNE Corporate Events may either be centrally budgeted or funded from an ongoing endowment or sponsorship. They will be fully supported by the Corporate Events unit, with backing from the relevant School, Directorate or external stakeholder group as appropriate.

From this point of view, it is essential that all events conducted at or associated with UNE are registered with our team to ensure that:

  • UNE's key messages are integrated into everything that we do
  • events gain approval in a timely fashion, and are supported by appropriate personnel
  • correct UNE protocol is observed
  • sufficient time for media and communications plans, — if required
  • events are coordinated through an up-to-date events calendar