Terms of Reference

Statement of Mission

The UNE Alumni Association (the "Association") is exclusively for the purposes to connect alumni of the University ("Alumni") to the University and to each other, to provide valued service to members of the Association (each, an "Association Member"), and to support the University's  mission of teaching, research, and service. The term “Association” is used in name only and is not to imply or be interpreted as a legal entity or organisation under the legal code.

Terms of Reference

Section 1: Membership and Qualifications

The following persons are an Association Member:

1.All former students who have completed two semesters or three terms of work in any University program requiring at least two years for completion;

2.All persons who have received an undergraduate or advanced degree from the University, including degrees awarded by academic units incorporated through merger  or acquisition;

3.Student members: Currently enrolled University students, whether full-time or part-time, are Student Association Member.  The Student Association Members are not eligible to serve on the Standing Committee even if they are an alumnus/ae previously, but may serve on UNE Chapter Committee delineated in Article V, Section 4.

Section 2: Associate Members

Non-alumni friends of the University, including academic and staff members, parents of students or of Alumni, and others who wish to strengthen their relationships with the University and the Association shall be eligible to become Associate Members in this Association (each, an "Associate Member") upon written expression of interest. Associate Members may not hold office with the Standing Committee, but may serve on Chapter Committees.

Section 1: The Standing Committee

1.The Standing Committee shall have the authority to draft proposals the Alumni Association considers appropriate with respect to the interests of the University for the two graduates members of the University Council to report to University Council.

2.The Standing Committee members comprising of,

  • Vice-Chancellor or nominee
  • Two members of the Council, nominated by Council, who are graduates of the University
  • Up to three College Senior Common Room members who are members of the Association elected or nominated by that constituency
  • The Chair from each active Alumni Chapter or his/her nominee from his/her respective chapter
  • Up to three general representatives elected or nominated by members of the Association, to be selected by the Standing Committee
  • Director of the Office of Advancement or nominee.

3.The Chair of the Standing Committee

  • The Chair will be a chair from one of the active Alumni Chapters and is elected from among their number.

4.Standing Committee members will hold office for four years.  If a member vacates office prior to the conclusion of their term, the constituency may elect or nominate a replacement to serve the remainder of the term based on the criteria set out in condition 2, Section 1: The Standing Committee.

5.A position becomes vacant if a Committee member is absent for two consecutive ordinary meetings of the Committee without leave of the Committee, or absent for three consecutive ordinary meetings of the Committee.  On the recommendation of the Committee, the Chair may co-opt a member of Association to fill a vacancy.

Section 1: The Committee

1.A quorum shall consist of one-third of members of the Standing Committee plus one member.

2.The Standing Committee will meet each trimester or otherwise as required. The venue will be Armidale with conference link for members outside of Armidale. If a formal meeting of the Standing Committee cannot be convened, as a consequence of the unavailability of members and/or urgency of a matter for resolution, where appropriate and with approval of the Chair of the Standing Committee, resolution will be sought by “flying minute.”

3.Meetings of the Standing Committee may be attended only by Committee Members and those invited to attend and/or participate by the Director of Advancement or the Vice-Chancellor and may, at the option of the Vice-Chancellor, be conducted in accordance with Parliamentary Procedure and/or Cone of Silence. The failure to follow such rules by Committee Members or others shall be grounds for dismissal from any Standing Committee meeting.

Section 2: The Chair

The Chair shall preside at all meetings, but shall have the right to name a Committee Member to preside at any meeting of the Committee at which the Chair shall not be present.

Section 3: The Immediate Past Chair

The Immediate Past Chair shall serve for a term of one (1) year immediately following the conclusion of such person's duties as Chair. The Immediate Past Chair will serve as an advisor to the Current Chair and attends meetings, but holds no vote.

Section 4: Misuse of Information

No Committee Member shall for personal gain or benefit or for the gain or benefit of others use any information not available to the public at large and obtained as a result of service to the Committee.


Section 1: The Director, Office of Advancement or the Vice-Chancellor shall authorise the appointment of such special committees and task forces as may be appropriate.

Section 1: Background

1.1In order to leverage the value of the high-calibre alumni, online students and friends of UNE, the University has created UNE Chapters.

1.2The alignment between the work of The Office of Advancement and the Chapters will ensure the maintenance of a formal, ongoing dialogue between the University and its alumni, online students (for external engagement purposes) and friends which is representative of the views of all segments of the broader UNE community.

1.3The Chapters seek to maximize networking opportunities and allow our constituents to connect at events, through social media platforms and also aim to provide key industry contacts, mentors and opportunities from the wider global community.

1.4The number and locations of Chapters will be determined by Director, Office of Advancement.

Section 2: Name

2.1All Chapters will have the same name, UNE with the location of the community they represent followed by the word Chapter, e.g. UNE Brisbane Chapter or UNE Coffs Harbour Area Chapter.

Section 3: Objectives

The objectives of the Chapters are to co-operate with the University to:

3.1Support the strategic engagement of the University in the Chapter’s region with constituents, globally and with the University, and to enhance the connection between alumni, students, friends and industry;

3.2Promote and enhance the global reputation of the University and its programs to key stakeholders locally and internationally;

3.3Develop programs and strategies to ensure a strong and ongoing affinity amongst current students with the University to become engaged alumni in the future;

3.4Support the University’s philanthropic goals and, in so doing, contribute in a meaningful way to the sustainability and success of the University;

3.5Develop, together with the Office of Advancement, strategies to increase membership participation in appropriate University sponsored initiatives;

3.6Support the Vice-Chancellor, the Heads of Schools/Research, and the Director of Advancement to achieve key strategic goals as they relate to advancing the mission of the University, and provide relevant feedback.

Section 4: Membership of Chapter Committee

4.1A Chapter Committee will comprise a maximum of 12 members including the Chair and Deputy Chair comprised of: no minimum, but no more than 2 online students; no minimum, but no more than 2 friends/associates; and an alumni majority, but no maximum number.

4.2The Chair is appointed by the Director, Office of Advancement and in consultation with the outgoing Chair in the case of established Chapters. The Deputy is appointed by the Director, Office of Advancement in consultation with the Chair.

4.3Recommendations for membership are made to the Director, Office of Advancement who has the authority to appoint members.

4.4The Vice Chancellor, Heads of Schools/Research, Director, Office of Advancement shall be ex-officio members of all Chapters. The Director, Office of Advancement may appoint a representative from the Alumni function within the Office of Advancement.

4.5The standard term for Chapter Committee members is two years, after which they may be re-appointed for a maximum of three consecutive terms. Within this, the Chair may serve for a maximum of two terms.

4.6Membership of the Chapter Committees should include a spread of alumni representative of undergraduate and graduate programs as well as representation across gender, age, nationality, and industry. At least one member will be a graduate of the last five years.

4.7Alumni who are current staff members of the UNE may be considered for membership of a Chapter Committee.

4.8Breach of duty: any member in case of infringement of this charter and/or due to other serious grounds or incident, upon written notification by the Director, Office of Advancement, will be removed from the Chapter Committee.

Section 5: Funding and Budget

5.1Chapter activity will be funded by the budget assigned to the Office of Advancement for these purposes or through Chapter programs (e.g. fees charged for an event).

5.2No Chapter will hold funds or accounts or collect payment without written permission from the University.

5.3Any moneys received (e.g. sponsorship) by a Chapter for its purposes or raised by the Chapter will be paid to and held by the University for the purposes for which it was raised, with due regard to the wishes of the donor, if applicable, and after any appropriate deductions have been made.

Section 6: Chapter Meetings

6.1The Chapter Committee is expected to meet at least three times a year and members are expected to attend in person (at least one) or remotely per annum. All members should be given adequate notice of meetings.

6.2The Chair will be responsible for setting the meeting agenda in co- ordination with the Office of Advancement. All members are able to contribute items for inclusion in the meeting.

6.3If the Chair is unable to be present, s/he will appoint the Deputy Chair or another representative to chair the meeting.

6.4Minutes will be taken for each meeting. Co-ordination of the taking of minutes will be determined by the Chair.  Minutes taken will be the responsibility of a volunteer Chapter member.

6.5The Office of Advancement will be responsible for keeping and distributing minutes.

Section 7: Emeriti Status

7.1Emeriti status may be granted to a (former) member of the Chapter Committee who has demonstrated exceptional leadership, dedication, and has made an impactful contribution that has served to advance the mission of the University and the Chapter Committee while serving his/her term.
7.2To be eligible for Emeriti status, the member must have served the equivalent of at least three full terms on a Chapter Committee in any location.

7.3Recommendations for Emeriti status are made to the Director, Office of Advancement, and the Director has the authority to approve appointments upon the approval by majority vote of the University’s Advancement Committee.

7.4Emeriti status is reserved for the very few select members of the Chapter Committee who are deemed worthy of such status.

7.5Emeriti status entitles the member (if desired) to:
*Meeting attendance;
*Inclusion in circulation lists for distribution of agendas, meeting papers and minutes;
*Participation in an advisory or other capacity in a particular project undertaken by a Chapter, on agreement with the Chair;
*Inclusion on the formal list of members in publications and in other situations where names may be publicised.

7.6A member who is granted Emeriti status is not considered to be an ordinary member for the purposes of item 4.1 of this charter.

7.7Breach of duty: any Emeriti member in case of infringement of this charter and/or due to other serious grounds or incident, upon written notification by the Director, Office of Advancement, will be removed from the Chapter Committee.

Section 8: Chapter Termination

8.1Director, Office of Advancement and the Vice-Chancellor will determine annually the renewal of Chapters.  A Chapter deemed to be inactive will be terminated.

8.2Written notice of Chapter termination will be made to the Chair of the Chapter.

Section 9: Chapter Reinstatement

9.1Reinstatement of a terminated Chapter may be obtained only by fulfilling the original objectives of the Chapter.


Section 1: No member of the Standing Committee or a Chapter Committee Member shall publish, release, or endorse to the public any statement, complaint, or recommendation of the University representing the Standing Committee or a Chapter.

Section 2: In the interest of orderly procedure, communications from UNE Chapters to the Standing Committee or University shall be forwarded through to the Director, Office of Advancement.


Section 1: Each UNE Chapter shall submit an annual report to the Director, Office of Advancement for submission to the Standing Committee on or before November 1 of each year. The Annual Report shall be in a form prescribed by the Office of Advancement.


Section 1: Fundraising activities of all Chapters shall not be in conflict with the University's development efforts. All fundraising activities require the prior written approval by the Director, Office of Advancement.


Section 1: A "conflict of interest" exists when a reasonable observer, having knowledge of all of the relevant facts and circumstances, would conclude that a Standing Committee Member or an individual whose name has been submitted to the Standing Committee to serve as a Standing Committee Member ("Proposed Committee Member") has an actual or apparent conflict of interest in one or more matters related to the Association. In addition to financial conflicts of interest, a conflict of interest shall include a situation in which a Committee Member or Proposed Council Member, or related entity has an interest that may lead such individual to act in a way that is incompatible with or a breach of such individual's fiduciary duty to the Association and/or the University or use such role to achieve personal gain or benefit or gain or benefit to family, friends, associates or related entity.

The Office of Advancement will provide administrative support.