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If you studied with the University of New England, you automatically become a member of the UNE Alumni program.  There is no joining fee or entry form required although we ask you to help us keep your contact details up to date here.

As a member of the UNE Alumni family, you are joining an active community that numbers in the hundreds of thousands and grows each time a new graduation ceremony takes place. UNE is proud of its alumni and their achievements – past, present and future - and we celebrate them through our Alumni Awards, newsletters and on these webpages.

Your strongest association with UNE may be through an area of study, a residential college, sports or as a former member of staff.

UNE has a continuous tradition as the first regional higher educational institution in New South Wales dating back to 1929. Antecedents of UNE are part of our family, and former students from these educational bodies are counted as alumni as well:

Many students who have studied courses with UNE Partnerships are also welcome to receive the alumni newsletter.  Email alumni@une.edu.au to add your name to the mailing list.

Alumni groups can be formed by graduation year, area of study, sporting interest or by location.  If you are interested in forming an Alumni Group, UNE Alumni office can provide assistance in communicating with others in your area of study or wherever you live.

Currently, there is an alumni group for Pharmacy Graduates.  A contact email is available here.

If you are interested in joining an alumni Chapter, please contact the Alumni office for information on an Alumni group near you.

Telephone 02 6773 2431 or email

Whatever your association with UNE, we will continue to update information on these pages and welcome your feedback or for you to share those stories that resonate for you about your time at UNE.

The UNE Advancement Team

Email us at:  alumni@une.edu.au