Terms and Conditions

Value$30,000pa (payable toward tuition fees with any remaining funds from the $30,000 to be paid directly to the student for living expenses).
Number Awarded1
DurationUp to 3.5 years.
Study ModeFull-time, on-campus.
  • Open to applicants who hold a
    • Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (SHEV); or
    • Temporary Protection Visa (TPV); or
    • are currently on a Bridging Visa or in Community Detention in Australia and have made an application for a Protection Visa (SHEV, TPV or Permanent Protection Visa)
  • Preference will be given to applicants already holding or applying for an SHEV and is a commencing (rather than continuing) student.
  • Applicants must satisfy the UNE English Language requirements: http://www.une.edu.au/study/international/eligibility/english-language-requirements
  • Applicants must reside in Armidale for the duration of the scholarship (up to a maximum of 3.5 years as required under the SHEV).
  • The scholarship will be awarded on the basis of academic merit, as indicated by the applicant’s recent academic results.
  • The Undergraduate Scholarships Committee will also consider the applicant’s community involvement, leadership activities and commitment to the proposed studies.
  • Students will be required to provide evidence of their relevant visa or application for relevant visa.
  • The applicant must provide a statement outlining their goals in undertaking tertiary study at UNE and describe how they would benefit from the scholarship. The statement should also include any special reason/s the applicant should be awarded a scholarship, any obstacles they have overcome in their path to study, particularly financial, geographic, cultural or other disadvantage.
  • Documentation to demonstrate prior academic performance.
Closing Date

26 February 2018.

  • The scholarship shall be administered by and awarded on the recommendation of the Undergraduate Scholarships Committee.
  • The scholarship payments will be made directly to the student’s tuition fee account with the University of New England to offset tuition fees in two instalments, within a month of the Trimester One and Two census dates. Remaining funds from the $30,000pa will then be paid directly to the recipient’s bank account.
  • If the student wishes to make any changes to their enrolment they must notify the Undergraduate Scholarships Team prior to doing so.  If the student no longer satisfies the conditions of the scholarship they may be required to repay the instalment.
  • Continuation of the scholarship is subject to satisfactory academic progress:
  • The recipient must maintain adequate academic performance (Pass all enrolled units).
  • It is expected that the recipient will be enrolled full-time, on-campus unless a unit is offered only as an off-campus unit and the unit is a requirement of the course. Where three or more units within a trimester are offered only as off-campus units (including fully online units), and the units are a requirement of the course, a student may appeal to the Undergraduate Scholarships Committee for the continuation of the Scholarship. Each case will be assessed on its merits.
  • Recipients will be required to submit brief reports for Trimesters 1 and 2 on their progress with their studies and involvement in sporting, cultural and community activities as well as participation in University life.
  • It is expected that the recipient will complete the course in the minimum period of candidature.
  • Any request to vary the conditions of the scholarship must be made in writing and will be determined at the discretion of the Undergraduate Scholarships Committee.
  • The recipient may be required to attend the annual scholarships donor event, if they are invited to do so, and may be asked to participate in activities to promote this scholarship and other scholarships in general, including public speaking, donor liaison, media interviews and photographs.
  • UNE may change these Conditions on written notice to the recipient.
  • Some scholarships may affect Australian government support payments.  It is the recipient’s responsibility to seek advice from the relevant government authority.
Acceptance of Conditions
  • In accepting the scholarship, the recipient acknowledges that they are accepting the terms and conditions outlined above.
  • Failure to meet the requirements of these terms and conditions may lead to the termination of the scholarship.