UNE Scholarships

A gift to scholarships at UNE can change lives

Currently over 70 UNE students benefit from privately philanthropically supported scholarships, but the need is greater.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics show that the participation rate of rural and regional youth in tertiary education is fewer than 20 percent. Of those who do secure university places, 15 percent defer their commencement and 30 percent of these never actually take up their studies. Regional students cited financial hardship as the reason for their forced deferral.

A QUT study shows that rural students in first year university studies had an attrition rate of 15.85 percent, but for rural students on scholarships this rate reduced to 7.56 percent. Again, the primary reason for students dropping out was economic hardship.

Your gift to support students in this way will greatly assist with the cost of tuition fees, textbooks or living expenses, alleviating the anxiety that many students experience in having to manage both study and part-time work and thereby enabling them to give increased focus on their studies.

Claire Marriott“I would like to thank the donor for their ongoing support of this scholarship. Your generosity helps to relieve the financial pressures associated with university study. For me, it helps to cover the cost of accommodation, travel and text books.”

– Claire Marriott, Scholarship Recipient

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How you can support scholarships

There are two ways you may choose to support scholarships:

  1. Contribute to an existing scholarship fund which may be general or tied to a specific academic School or residential college; or
  2. Establish a new named scholarship by contacting the UNE Office of Advancement.

If you wish to establish a named scholarship rather than contribute to a more general scholarship fund there are two alternatives, Endowed or Annual Scholarships.

Endowed Scholarships

An endowed scholarship is one which is funded from the interest earned the principle, which remains untouched indefinitely. The UNE Foundation distributes 3.5% on the value of the endowed fund (e.g. $100,000 would generate $3,500 annually) and any investment performance above the 3.5% is added to the endowment (e.g., if investment returns 6% a $100,000 endowment would provide $3,500 plus $2,500 to be added to the $100,000 endowment for a new balance of $102,500).

Annual Scholarships

An annual Scholarship is one which is funded on a year to year basis. The donor gifts to the University and the money is used to support the student. A minimum agreement of 3 years is required but the donation may be made annually or up front. The minimum amount to establish an annual scholarship is $5,000 annually or $15,000 over three years.

Establishing terms and conditions

The first step in establishing a scholarship is to draft the Terms & Conditions which outline how the scholarship is awarded and administered in relation to the student.

Some areas which donors may specify include:

  • Full time, part-time study or both
  • Distance study mode or on-campus
  • Equity considerations such as financial, geographic or social disadvantage
  • Degree preferences
  • Selection indicators such as academic performance or other considerations

For more information please contact Dr Jason Ketter on +61 (0)2 6773 2365 jketter@une.edu.au or Ms Kate Hadfield  on +61 (0)2 6773 2870 kjones25@une.edu.au in the Office of Advancement.

Claire Baker

As supporters of the UNE scholarship program you grace us with the freedom and time to focus on our study and for many make the difference of being able to undertake study at all. The gift of time is invaluable, the gift of education and intellectual pursuit even more so. Thank you.

Claire Baker - 2014 University Medallist and James Harris Postgraduate Award recipient.

Donor funded scholarships include the following:

Cec Spence Memorial UNE Country Scholarship

Established in 2016 through the estate of alumnus and long term donor to UNE, Cecil Thomas Spence, to support rural and regional students especially from the New England and North West regions of NSW.

The Carole & Stan Droder Scholarship

Established in 2016 through a bequest from the Droder family, the Carole and Stan Droder Scholarships assist financially disadvantaged students to obtain university degrees and to experience life as residential undergraduates.

Max Schroder Scholarships

First awarded in 2008 the Max Schroder scholarships now comprise a suite of residential, sporting, and mentoring scholarships all supporting indigenous students.

Hyman Scholarships (Aberbaldie Foundation)

Initially offered in 2008 to support students enrolled at the new UNE School of Rural Medicine, the Aberbaldie Foundation assists regional and remote students in the areas of health and education. Their scholarship support has since been extended to also support Nursing students. It is hoped that beneficiaries choose to remain in rural areas post graduation.

Bernard Coffey UNE Country Scholarship

Established by a group of Bernard's UNE friends and family to honour his memory in 2007, the Bernard Coffey UNE Country Scholarship supports a regional student with high academic achievement for the duration of their degree.

Duncan Family Scholarships

The Duncan family established a scholarship to support a new or continuing student studying Pharmacy in 2009 and now support a second scholarship in Early Childhood Education since 2013.

Mary Dolan Travelling Scholarship

With a family connection to UNE going back to 1959, the Dolan family established the Mary Dolan Travelling Scholarship scholarship to encourage a UNE student of History to travel to undertake an archaeological dig as part of their studies.

Clem Jones UNE Sport Scholarship

Established in 2008 through the Estate of former Lord Mayor of Brisbane, Clem Jones, these scholarships are awarded to students studying at undergraduate or postgraduate level who can demonstrate sporting achievement at a national or international level.

Support Fund for Students with a Disability

In 1981 two teams of UNE Robb College students supported by Rotary International ran from 'Cape to Cape' (Cape York to Wilsons Prominitory) raising $80,000 to support disabled students. Funds are awarded from this endowment annually to support full or part time, both on and off campus students with a disability in their studies at UNE.

Tour de Rocks Scholarship for Cancer Studies

Awarded for the first time in 2016 the Tour de Rocks Foundation established this scholarship to support 3rd or 4th year UNE School of Rural Medicine students who can demonstrate an interest in and commitment to oncology.

Tamex UNE Country Scholarship

Established in 2012 by Tamex Transport to support academically qualified, financially disadvantaged students undertaking undergraduate studies in the Schools of Business or Law at UNE.

MH Premium Farms (MHPF) Scholarship

First awarded in 2014, the MH Premium Farms (MHPF) Scholarship supports a full-time, on-campus student beginning their second year of either an Agriculture or Rural Science degree with an interest in pursuing a career as an agronomist in Australia following graduation. The Scholarship also provides recipients with an 8 week work experience placement. The MHPF group is a private land holder in Australian agricultural assets, operating in excess of 20 properties in Eastern Australia to be market-leading & sustainable producers of livestock and crop.