UNE Priorities

Young male medical student with female medical student in the backgroundUNE must adapt to the changes taking place in the tertiary education market. Each year the competition for the best and brightest students and leading teachers and researchers increases. The reputation of a university is dependent on many things, but the reputation of a university is directly linked to the quality of people a university can attract.

In supporting the UNE Priorities fund you are aligning your philanthropic investment with the opportunities that UNE can capitalise on to leverage to enhance the reputation of the university.

What does the UNE Priorities fund support?

Student emergency needs:
Unfortunately, some students experience financial hardship (family's situation changes), part-time job ended, or there is a loss in the family and they need to return home for the funeral, but don't have the funds to make the

Campus enhancement:
Maintaining a campus is a costly undertaking, but it is critical to continually ensure the safety of the learning and working environment for students and staff.

Leverage for opportunities:
Occasionally, grant opportunities are available to capitalise on, however some of these applications require matching funds that are not budgeted for.