Leave a lasting legacy

Anyone can make a bequest – you don’t have to be famous or rich to make a big difference. Your decision to make a bequest or leave a gift in your Will can have a profound effect upon the University of New England, creating a lasting legacy to support the institution. These five simple steps can help ensure that your Will supports your intentions and values when leaving a gift to UNE.

1. Choose your cause

What do you want to achieve with your gift? Do you want to support young people gain a tertiary education through a scholarship, improved facilities on campus or new research into rural health or the environment? There are many opportunities to support the work that UNE does across all of our faculties and programs and we can help you to identify the one which best meets your goals.

2. Decide on the type of gift

Plan ahead and work out what types of gift you want to make including:

  • Gifting the residue or remainder of your estate after you have provided for your family and friends
  • Leaving a percentage of your estate
  • Specifying a particular amount for your gift
  • Leaving your property or stocks and shares (which will then be managed by UNE in line with its policies)

3. Talk to your family about your decision

Let them know what your wishes are and why. Discuss how you are providing for them and try to ensure there are no surprises that they may wish to challenge. You should discuss your plans with your chosen executor or trustee as well. Looking after an estate can be a big job for which they will need to be prepared and it helps if they are clear on your intentions.

4. Work with your solicitor

Discuss the types of gifts best suit your needs and the correct wording to use to ensure that your wishes are met. A Codicil may be all that is required instead of re-writing your existing Will. Your solicitor can also identify any potential issues or concerns in advance.

5. Talk to the University

Contact the UNE Office of Advancement, Communications and Events as early as possible to discuss your wishes and ask any questions. We can assist with identifying the best way to channel your support so that meets your wishes, assist with the correct wording for your Will and provide advice on how we can acknowledge your gift most appropriately.

When you notify UNE of your intention to leave a bequest you will become a member of our Heritage Circle of donors. The Heritage Circle was established to acknowledge the generosity of those who, through planning to make a gift to the UNE in their Will, provide for world-class research and quality education for future generations of University of New England students: an investment in the future. The Heritage Circle is a way of acknowledging and thanking our benefactors during their lifetime.

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