Fulbright Australian-American Fulbright Commission

Fulbright Scholars

The Australian-American Fulbright Commission promotes education and cultural exchange between Australia and the United States in order to enhance mutual understanding and strengthen relations between the two countries. Since 1952, staff and students, initially from the New England University College (NEUC) and then from UNE, have undertaken these prestigious programs in the US, and UNE has benefitted from hosting scholars from the US.

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(* denotes deceased)

UNE graduates undertaking programs in the US
First nameSurname Grant Year Field of study Primary Host Institute UNE qualifications
Sophie Nicholls 2006 Social Sciences University of New Mexico BA (Hons), PhD
Peter Flood 1980 Geology/Geography University of Miami BSc, BSc (Hons), MSc
John Lodewijks 1979 Economics Duke University MEc
Karl Schmude 1976 Administration USIA BLitt, MLitt
Trevor Knight* 1972 Administration USIA BSc, DipEd
Norman Dudley* 1969 Agriculture Montana State University BAgEc (Hons), PhD
Frank Anderson 1968 Agriculture Oregon State University BAgEc (Hons)
John Freebairn 1968 Agriculture University of California - Davis BAgEc (Hons), MAgEc (Hons)
Robert McLean AM 1968 Commerce Columbia University BEc (Hons) 
William Griffiths 1967 Agriculture University of Illinois BAgEc (Hons)
Malcolm Somerville 1967 Physics University of California - Berkeley BSc(Hons)
Frederick Katz 1965 Education University of Maryland PhD
Peter Dodds 1964 Mathematics California Institute of Technology BSc (Hons)
Roderick McDonald* 1963 Psychology Various Institutions PhD
Jean Herd 1961 Languages and Literature Stanford University BA (Hons)
Francis Kelly 1960 Chemistry Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute PhD
Betsy Jackes 1959 Botany University of Chigago BSc
Norman Feather 1958 Psychology Michigan State University MA
UNE staff undertaking programs in the US
First nameSurname Grant Year Field of study Primary Host Institute
Anne Pender 2018 Literature Harvard University
Martin Thoms 2012 Environmental Sciences Winona State University
Alan Atkinson 1991 History Harvard University
Graham Strahle 1991 Music Yale University
Stephen Perrens 1983 Earth Sciences Purdue University
Bruce Marshall AM 1980 Languages and Literature University of California - Berkeley
Miriam Dixson 1978 History Smith College
John Brown 1974 Botany Montana State University
John Robertson 1974 Administration USIA
John McGarity 1973 Earth Sciences Oregon State University
Ralph Whalley 1971 Botany Utah State University
Gordon McClymont* 1970 Agriculture University of California - Davis
Darrell Williamson 1970 Mathematics Harvard University
Gwenda Lewis 1967 Statistics Florida State University
Richard Stanton 1965 Geology/Geography Harvard University
Derek Lindsay 1964 Plant Sciences University of Illinois
Francis Hibberd* 1963 Physics Pennsylvania State University
Jack Lewis* 1963 Agriculture University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign
Ernest Della 1961 Chemistry Stanford University
John Gabriel 1960 Psychology San Francisco State University
J Lawson 1960 Engineering Colorado State University
Barrie Hayne 1959 Languages and Literature Harvard University
John Wilkinson* 1959 Earth Sciences Princeton University
John Dillon* 1956 Agriculture Iowa State University
William Walker* 1956 Education American Educational Research Association
John Beston 1955 Dramatic Arts Harvard University
Roy Smith* 1954 Mathematics University of Wisconsin - Madison
James Belshaw* 1952 Agriculture University of Wisconsin - Madison
Neville Fletcher AM 1952 Physics Harvard University
Alan Voisey 1952 Geology/Geography Antioch College
Visiting scholars to UNE
FullSurname Grant Year Field Of Study Home Institute
Elaine Scott 2015 Education University of Washington - Bothell
John Becker 2005 Law Pennsylvania State University
Daniel Sumner 2001 Agriculture University of California - Davis
Ryan Szuch 2000 Ecology Susquehanna University
Ann McCracken 1995 Medicine University of Cincinnati
Jennifer Galindo 1995 Anthropology University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Richard Margerum 1994 Environmental Sciences University of Wisconsin - Madison
Omer Cary 1987 Commerce Alaska Pacific University
Darrel Choat 1987 Agriculture Oklahoma State University
L Wallace 1987 Agriculture University of California - Berkeley
Stanley Wiersma 1985 Languages and Literature Calvin College
David Freudenberger 1985 Chemistry Lincoln High School
Robert Bank 1985 Public Health/Policy University of Canterbury
William Strong 1980 Physics Brigham Young University
Wayne Thomas 1980 Agriculture University of Alaska
Robert Sargent 1979 Agriculture University of Idaho
Rubin Battino 1979 Chemistry Wright State University
Warren Tine 1978 History Ohio State University
Arthur McNair 1977 Engineering Cornell University
Gerald Marousek 1977 Agriculture University of Idaho
Robert Howe 1977 Zoology University of Wisconsin - Madison
Martha Hill 1976 Dramatic Arts Juilliard School
Malcolm Murray 1975 Geology/Geography Georgia State University
Leroy Rogers 1974 Agriculture Washington State University
J Ball 1973 Geology/Geography Georgia State University
Gerald Holder 1972 Geography Georgia State University
James Henretta 1972 History Princeton University
L Hamilton 1969 Life Sciences Cornell University
Martin Day 1969 Languages and Literature University of Houston
Gustav Swanson 1968 Anthropology Cornell University
M Loeffler 1967 Geology/Geography University of Colorado
P Miller 1966 Education University of Illinois
David Miller 1966 Geology/Geography University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Maurice Kelso 1965 Economics University of Arizona
J Luick 1965 Agriculture University of California - Davis
R Franklin 1964 Anthropology Southern Illinois University
W Scott 1964 Chemistry University of Washington
Leon Howard 1963 Languages and Literature University of California - Los Angeles
Richard Fowler 1963 Physics University of Oklahoma
Louis Holm 1962 Life Sciences University of California - Davis
Richard Brown 1962 Agriculture University of Illinois
John Whetten 1961 Geology/Geography Princeton University
H Mayer 1961 Geology/Geography University of Chicago
V Anderson 1960 Life Sciences Colorado State University
H Perich 1959 Life Sciences University of Colorado
E Bates 1959 Education  
Gary Myers 1957 Life Sciences University of Kansas
Jack Bartley 1956 Dentistry Colorado State University
Alan Cvancara 1956 Palaeontology Other
Alan Ehrhardt 1953 Architecture  
Frederick McKenzie 1952 Animal Science Oregon State University