Susan Rix AM

Susan Rix AM

Susan Rix graduated from UNE in 1982 with a Bachelor of Financial Administration. Today, she is Partner of Brisbane Tax & Advisory firm, BDO, and is an Accredited Family Business Advisor. With 31 years at BDO under her belt, Susan is an expert in her field, and an inspiring example of the results of hard work and commitment to both a field and a company.

Susan Rix AMUNE Life

After high school, Susan Rix deferred university for a year before enrolling in a Bachelor of Financial Administration. She spent the length of her 3 year degree at St Albert’s College, in one of the first years allowing girls to live on campus. Susan cherishes her time at Albies, and was an active member of the JCR Committee. She was also one of the first UNE students to study across faculties - taking German units as electives in her Business degree - and remains appreciative of the flexibility and value offered by the degree.

Into the Workforce

With qualification in hand, Susan relocated to Brisbane to be closer to family. Within 2 weeks she was offered a graduate accountant position in a Brisbane firm. Four years later she transitioned to the BDO, where she has since remained. In the 31 years since Susan joined the firm, BDO has grown from 28 to 450 staff. While working, Susan completed further specialised study online, earning certificates in Family Business Advising and Dispute Resolution. She now works with a diverse portfolio of both private clients and family businesses. Thanks to Susan, the Brisbane UNE Alumni chapter has hosted 2 events in the impressive, light-filled space that is the BDO building.

Nothing stays the same. Learn to take new opportunities. There are as many opportunities now as there have ever been.

BDO Partner

In less than 10 years, Susan made partner at BDO. 25 years on, she has faced a variety of challenges; from being one of very few females in the industry, to the integration of new technology in the sector. Susan’s achievements are a testament to her straight-thinking attitude. When asked how she overcame her career obstacles, she replies “I just got on with it, really”. By focusing on the support of her colleagues, and her growing portfolio of lovely clients, Susan worked her way to the top with resolve. Today, she is content with her career, and looks forward to focusing on personal goals. Becoming fluent in German remains a passion for Susan, and she has plans to undertake future distance study with UNE to do so.

Author: Zoe Sutherland
UNE Office of Advancement
Ph: 02 6773 2870