Kimberley Scott

Kimberley Scott

Kimberley Scott graduated from UNE in 2011 with a Bachelors in Arts/Teaching. She has since lived and worked both in Australia and the UK, and visited over 20 countries. Today, she teaches English, History and Geography at the Hunter School of the Performing Arts in Newcastle, and is an inspiring example of persistence and strength in the face of hardship.

Kimberley Scott The Beginning

Kimberley began her teaching degree with simple aspirations; “I strongly desired to earn a living that enabled me to complete my weekly shopping without counting out small change”. Facing a challenging home-life, it was her school teachers who became her inspiration and encouraged her to pursue academic success. At 17, Kimberley moved out of home to attend UNE. In order to make ends meet, she worked 30+ hours each week, on top of her studies and teaching practicums. Receiving the UNE Country Equity Scholarship for teaching provided much-needed support. “My scholarship changed my life irrevocably - without the funding provided I would not have been able to attend UNE.”

UNE Life

During her time on campus, Kimberley lived at both Wright Village and Drummond and Smith College. Coming from a small home-town, she was struck by the cultural diversity on campus. “To this day this is what I enjoy most about visiting university campuses. Looking back, this probably kick-started my wanderlust.” When a member of her immediate family, and her close friend Elle, became terminally ill, Kimberley relocated to Newcastle to provide support. With encouragement and understanding from her lecturers, Kimberley found strength and completed her degree externally, graduating on time. “Elle had to give up her studies due to her illness and I was determined she would not see me fail to complete mine when I was able.”

Aim high. There is no limit to what you can achieve if you are willing to persist.

Into The Workforce

Immediately after graduating, Kimberley began full-time work teaching at her own high school, Bulahdelah Central School. “I saw it as a privilege to work with those teachers who supported and inspired me … the same people who nurtured me through my childhood would teach me how to be a teacher too.” After 3 years at BCS, Kimberley moved to the UK to teach abroad. With a passion for travel, she used her school breaks to explore Europe. Each term brought an exciting new adventure filled with cultural and architectural experiences that were invaluable to her teaching. Kimberley’s current goal is to obtain permanency. “I became a teacher to make certain that someone will be there to support the next generation of underprivileged students to reach their potential.”

Somewhere, someone is happy with less than you have. Remember this when faced with others who seem to have more.

Author: Zoe Sutherland
UNE Office of Advancement
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