Ben Deverson

Ben Deverson

Ben Deverson graduated from UNE in 2002 with a Bachelor of Professional Studies, Human Resources Development. Combining his time in the Australian Army with his passion for people-focused work, Ben has since worked his way up the corporate ladder. Today, he is Chief Executive Officer of Hynes Legal, and a member of the UNE Brisbane Alumni Chapter.

Ben DeversonBen is a strong believer in setting personal goals. When he left the Army in 2002 at the age of 25, he set a goal to become a CEO by the time he was 40. Having achieved that, he has now set a goal to cease full time work and commence semiretirement by the time he reaches 50.

The Beginning

Ben’s career journey began when he joined the Royal Military College at Duntroon in 1995. During his time as an Army Officer, he found that, regardless of his type of role, his efforts were largely people-focused.

Recognising this passion for HR, he enrolled as an external student in a Bachelor of Professional Studies at UNE. Ben was accepted through the Junior Officer Professional Education Scheme (JOPES) – a relationship between UNE and the Australian Army that grants advanced standing for tertiary study – allowing him to complete his degree in 2 years.

Into The Workforce

After graduation, Ben left the Army and began working as a human resources consultant for a large accounting firm. Over the next 15 years, he progressed through a variety of senior roles and companies before transitioning to management. “My career progression to date has been a result of being in the right spot at the right time, however, it has also been driven by my willingness to put my hand up and ask for things. If I did not do that, I don’t believe I would be in the same position I am today.”

If you want something, put your hand up and ask and go for it. The only person who is going to do that is yourself. Time is your only cost and the benefits outweigh the costs. Be that person who others know is willing to get your hands dirty and do the hard yards. As a CEO, I consider people like this priceless.

Hynes Legal

On July 1st, Ben was welcomed as an Equity Director of Hynes Legal and is committed to growing the firm into the future. “As a non-lawyer CEO of a law firm, this is something that I did not see coming and consider a wonderful opportunity.” Today, Ben credits much of his success to building a network and maintaining strong relationships. “I do attribute much of my career progression to having worked for some fantastic individuals who have shown faith and trust in me. It was these people who allowed me to continue to expand my comfort zone.”

Author: Zoe Sutherland
UNE Office of Advancement
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