UNE People

We understand that engaging with UNE needs to be meaningful to you, a value add, and at the same time helps to advance the mission of the University. You can engage with the university through your involvement with a current student, a prospective student, helping someone to be graduate, a career opportunity or connecting with your fellow alumni.

If you are passionate about inspiring new generations of UNE students, there is something you can share with us: your story. If you'd like to share your story, please get in contact with us via the My Story form.

Michael Cornford

Michael Cornford is under the pump. With opening night of a musical at UNE's Arts Theatre just days away, he will return to his old stage as technical director of the production - a community role that he relishes.

If you were to write a piece of music to capture composer and UNE music lecturer Dr Paul Smith's career, it would be dramatic and dynamic.

Meg Larkin AM leads a rich and vibrant artistic life.

Max Schroder graduated from
UNE in 1960, 1969, 1974.

Chris Abbott wants to ensure that
regional NSW children and their
families are able to access a
great opportunity to play with

Claire Baker
Claire Baker has been able to tackle a
PhD or realise her academic aspirations
without the help of her benefactor James

Dr Deborah Apthorp is unlocking the
secrets of Parkinson's disease.

Paul Barratt
Paul Barratt - The UNE Foundation
is charged with overseeing community
donations is administered by an
independent board with considerable
expertise and life experience, including
outgoing Chair of four years
Paul Barratt AO.

The Lam Family - UNE has a long
and proud tradition of teaching the
classics which makes the generous
support of the Hong Kong-based
Lam family particularly fitting.

Douglas McMaster - A passion
for the North West Slopes and
Plains and its agricultural potential
born a century ago is about to
inspire a new generation through
the D.L. McMaster Fund.

Janice Knight - A Knight in shining
armour - Janice Knight's affection
for UNE runs deep.

Kate Hadfield - We asked our
Stewardship and Research Officer
and UNE Alumna Kate Hadfield
what motivates her to give.

Joan Murray - "I hope it will help
to further the education of other
students," said Joan, a former
primary school teacher and

Matthew Irwin graduated from UNE
in 1986 and is now investing
in future business.

Jing Zeng
Jing Zeng studied at UNE on
exchange in 2014.

Sarah Bailey
Sarah Bailey graduated from
UNE in 2018.

Ebony Adams is the current
recipient of the Essential
Energy Scholarship.

Annette Purton
graduated from
UNE in 2017.

Melissa Mullee graduated from
UNE in 2012.

Peter Ireland graduated from
UNE in 1978, 1979 and 2000.

Sophie Masson graduated from
UNE in 1990.

Stephen Rimmer graduated from
UNE in 1994.

Kimberley Scott graduated from
UNE in 2011.

Ben Deverson
Ben Deverson
graduated from
UNE in 2002.

Dr Jacqueline Parry
Dr Jacqueline Parry graduated
from UNE in 2009.

Claire Chaffey
Claire Chaffey graduated from
UNE in 2006.

Gina Milgate
Gina Milgate graduated from
UNE in 1999.

Neil Fergus
Neil Fergus graduated from
UNE in 1984.

Susan Rix AM
Susan Rix graduated from
UNE in 1982.

Jennifer Miller retires after
19 years working in Alumni