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We understand that engaging with UNE needs to be meaningful to you, a value add, and at the same time helps to advance the mission of the University. You can engage with the university through your involvement with a current student, a prospective student, helping someone to be graduate, a career opportunity or connecting with your fellow alumni.

If you are passionate about inspiring new generations of UNE students, there is something you can share with us: your story. If you'd like to share your story, please get in contact with us via the My Story form.


Chris Abbott

Chris Abbott

Chris Abbott wants to ensure that regional NSW children and their families are able to access a great opportunity to play with meaning. Chris is the Chair of The Abbott Foundation, and previously co-funded funds management company Maple-Brown Abbott Limited in 1984. Three subsequent biotech businesses listed on the stock exchange later, and his investment in personal wellbeing extends far beyond medical and health companies.

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Ebony Adams

Originally from Inverell, Ebony is a Gomeroi woman by birth and comes from a tight-knit family that has been an unwavering pillar of support for her for as long as she can remember, but particularly when it comes to her education.

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Becky Amon

Bachelor of Media & Communications graduate, Becky Amon, got her career start and education at UNE. Becky credits the small class sizes at UNE, plus one-on-one time with lecturers who knew and supported her for helping her achieve her career goals to work in social media.

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Emeritus Professor Kym Anderson AC

Having grown up in rural South Australia, I was attracted to UNE for its rural location and because it had specialized degrees in agricultural economics and rural science. But I expected my career would broaden beyond things agricultural, because I wanted to focus on issues that promoted economic development and reduced poverty and inequality.

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Dr Deborah Apthorp

A University of New England team could be one step closer to solving the mystery of how Parkinson's disease progresses, thanks to Impact Philanthropy funding from the Perpetual Foundation.

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Charlie Arnott

Since 2004 Charlie Arnott, Bachelor of Rural Science (Hons) and Robb College resident, has been transitioning to regenerative practices and sharing his passion with others through social media and now a regular podcast (The Regenerative Journey) that unites producers, retailers, chefs and consumers.

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Sarah Bailey

When Sarah was 18 years old, she found herself in Newcastle with no money, no job and no family support. Sarah didn’t have the marks or the financial means to go straight to university. Instead, she started her educational journey by enrolling in a Diploma of Natural Resource Management in Newcastle.

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Claire Baker

Clare Baker

Claire Baker completed a Bachelor of Arts (Sociology and Philosophy) and then Honours at UNE, earning the University Medal for her efforts. But she says she would never have been able to tackle a PhD or realise her academic aspirations without the help of her benefactor James Harris.

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Paul Barratt AO

Paul Barratt

The UNE Foundation is charged with overseeing community donations is administered by an independent board with considerable expertise and life experience, including outgoing Chair of four years Paul Barratt AO. As Mr Barratt prepares to step down from the Director role he has held for 13 years, he reflected on his long and proud association with the University of New England.

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Kym Barrett

Kym Barrett

Acclaimed costume designer Kym Barrett has a list of credits to rival any big-name Hollywood actor, spanning film, television and theatre. Los Angeles has been her home for 28 years now, but the diminutive creative is holed up in Sydney during the coronavirus lockdown, waiting for filming to resume on the Marvel superhero movie Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, when asked to reflect on where it all began.

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Dr Warren Bartik

Dr Warren Bartik

I completed my Phd fulltime at UNE after commencing in 2011. The focus of my study was the impact of suicide on young people in rural Australia. A lot of my work over the prior 15 or so years was with the local area health service and NSW Mental Health and supporting the mental health of rural young people including suicide prevention so this area of suicide research was a logical extension.

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John Bates

Captain John Bates manages to combine his love of the ADF working remotely from the UK for the Reserves while running a construction business in Devon.  His Bachelor of Organisational Leadership was achieved with the support and encouragement of the ADF.

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Dr David Briggs AM

Dr David Briggs

have had a long association with UNE both as Alumni and as an academic within the then School of Health. My UNE education included a Master of Health Management with 1st class Honours by research, my topic was ‘models of care in small rural communities’. I subsequently completed a Doctor of Philosophy where my research thesis was ‘the lived experience of health service managers, their perceptions of the health system and the health management role.

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Hon. Dean Brown AO

Dean Brown

Studying Rural Science at UNE taught former South Australian Premier Hon. Dean Brown AO many things about problem-solving and complex ecosystems, which was extremely useful during 27 years in the state's "bearpit". His experience of interstate rail travel proved equally memorable.

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Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown, CEO of Purple House in the Northern Territory, was named one of the Financial Review Boss magazine’s 2018 True Leaders – people who are changing Australia for the better. In 2017 HESTA named Sarah Australia’s Nurse of the Year.

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Terri Butler MP

Terri Butler

Coronavirus may be keeping her physically from the floor of the House of Representatives, but MP Terri Butler is as busy as ever. People and businesses throughout her Queensland seat of Griffith are hungry for detail on the Coalition Government's rescue packages and she's conscious of offering much-needed support.

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Dr Michelle Byrne

Michelle Byrne

Hills Shire Mayor Dr Michelle Byrne need only drive around her fast-growing community for a reminder, if one were needed, of why she entered local government.

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Olivia Bounds

Studying with UNE provided me with the flexibility I needed to complete my Diploma whilst simultaneously commencing my undergraduate degree in psychology in Adelaide.

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Claire Chaffey

Claire Chaffey

Claire Chaffey graduated from UNE in 2006 with a Bachelor of Arts/Laws with Honours. She has since worked as a graduate lawyer, a journalist, a travel writer, and founder and publisher of French Living Magazine. Today, Claire is Managing Editor and Head of Communications for the NSW Law Society Journal, and has remained connected to the Sydney UNE Alumni Chapter.

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Steve Conn

I had one year on campus and one year of online study. Both satisfied my academic requirements; living on campus was a whole different experience where I was able to meet plenty of people and have some great university times.

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Nicole Conner

Nicole Conner

Narrative therapist and Adjunct History Lecturer at Eastern College, Wantirna, Nicole is inspired by positive change and teaching subjects she is passionate about.

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Simone Cooper

Recent Master of Social Work graduate Simone Cooper has embarked on an exciting social work career in the UK. Her experience studying online while working full time was positive while she takes pride in a profession that has such “unique values.”

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Tom Cooper

Tom Cooper headshot

Since graduation, I’ve worked in a variety of professional roles at UNE, including teaching English and Academic Skills to International Students. For many years I was also a volunteer in the NSW State Emergency Service. I currently work in the International Office at UNE, traveling to faraway countries including Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Colombia (and everywhere between!) to recruit international students for UNE.

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Michael Cornford

He had barely begun his Bachelor of Media and Communications/Theatre degree at UNE when Michael realised that his future lay not in journalism, but in the darkened wings of a theatre. He became involved in the first production of the amateur Felt Tip Theatre Company established by UNE alumnus Alex Robson, and went on to be a part of many subsequent Felt Tip productions, as well as the short play season of the Armidale Drama and Musical Society (ADMS).

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Tahnee Curtis

Tahnee Curtis is that rare person: someone who has forged a career in the Hollywood film and television industry. It was thanks to the encouragement of UNE Film and Television Studies lecturer Professor Dugald Williamson that Tahnee was encouraged to enrol in Arts310 and spent her fourth year at Washington State University. Her first intern job was on Conan O'Brien's Late Night show. Now Tahnee works as a Script Supervisor and has recently completed the Warner Brothers Directors’ Workshop and just submitted a pitch to Netflix for an original series for their Canadian Filmmakers Competition.

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Dan Daley

Dan Daley

Earle Page College alumnus Dan Daley is a man of many talents. He is a champion equestrian horse rider and has enjoyed successful careers in banking and high school teaching. Recently Dan decided to follow his passion and get his legal practising certificate. He originally started working with Jo Birtles from Birtles Law but has recently taken on a new role at Everingham Solomon’s in Tamworth.

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Ben Deverson

Ben Deverson

Ben Deverson graduated from UNE in 2002 with a Bachelor of Professional Studies, Human Resources Development. Combining his time in the Australian Army with his passion for people-focused work, Ben has since worked his way up the corporate ladder. Today, he is the Founder & Director of Lawganised, a boutique management consultancy exclusively servicing the legal profession, and a member of the UNE Brisbane Alumni Chapter.

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Dr Stephen English

Stephen English

I am a farmer's son from Yorkshire, England. I first visited UNE for two months in 1971 on an English Speaking Stephen EnglishUnion working visit scheme between the second and third years of my Agricultual Science degree at Nottingham. I was invited back to study for a PhD and spent five very enjoyable years at UNE residing in Earle Page College for a year and then in Austin College for four years.

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Neil Fergus

Neil Fergus

Neil Fergus graduated from UNE in ’84 with a Bachelor of Arts. Today, he is the Chief Executive Officer of market-leading international crisis and security firm, Intelligent Risks. Since graduating from UNE, Neil has had an inspiring and successful international career, including 20 years in federal and international government security, and advisor for seven Olympic Games.

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Timothy Francombe

Former Australian Army Major Tim Francombe has successfully transitioned to an exciting career and life in New York City in part thanks to his Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science degree.

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Emily French

Emily French and Meaghan Victor

I started at Duval College in 2020. It was an amazing start to 2020, but who could have predicted how things would turn out!

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Marty Gillett

Lieutenant Marty Gillett currently serves in the Australian Navy as a Maritime Warfare Officer Submariner at the Submarine Training and Systems Centre. He recently qualified with a Bachelor of Organisational Leadership which has helped Marty understand the difference between leading and effective leadership.

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Caleb Goman

I studied online. While the study part itself was tough, the resources, assistance and well- designed online platforms meant that I never felt thousands of kilometers away from the campus even though I was.

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Ian Grant

Ian grant

I studied a double degree Bachelor of Laws/ Bachelor of Criminology through UNE and did so online. I enjoyed studying online as it gave me the freedom to do the work I needed in my own time and around my work and social commitments.

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Melanie Gray

Melanie Gray

It was important to me to study music on campus rather than online as I wanted to be around like-minded musicians and have the personal connection with my teachers. I believe it helped me focus away from my usual busy routine up in the Northern Territory.

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Rodney Gregg

Rodney Gregg

UNE Alumnus Rodney Gregg is a Health, Fitness and PE Specialist at Casuarina Street Primary School in Katherine. Sport has played a huge part in Rodney Gregg’s life professionally and personally.

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Vanessa Guthrie

Vanessa Guthrie

Dr Vanessa Guthrie is an experienced executive and director and has been included on the list of the world’s Top 100 inspirational women in mining. Vanessa holds qualifications from UNE including a Bachelor of Science (Hons) and a Graduate Diploma in Natural Resources. Dr Guthrie serves on several boards including the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Curtin University where she is Pro Chancellor and the WACA where she is Deputy Chair.

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Kate Hadfield

Kate Hadfield

In my role as Stewardship and Research Officer with the Office of Advancement, Communications and Events, I routinely ask people to support the students and work of UNE. My thinking is that if I don’t believe in the organisation enough to give my own money, then I can’t expect anyone else to. But it’s more than that. UNE is my alma mater - I graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in 2000 - and I want to see it continue to flourish.

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David Hall

David Hall

Soil Scientist David Hall has more than 30 years’ experience in soil management research as a researcher and project leader. His fields of research have encompassed the use of amendments (gypsum, lime, wetting agents, clay, organic compounds), tillage (deep shallow) and cropping rotations to modify and improve soils productivity.

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Donna Hanson

Donna Hanson

For the last twenty four years Donna Hanson has run her own productivity training company consulting to global brands. Donna is also a professional speaker, trainer and educator presenting at conferences and events around the world.

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Jessica Harpur

Jessica Harpur

UNE offered everything that I wanted to study, and it was rated very highly for online education, so it was a no-brainer for me. I graduated from UNE in 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Spanish and Italian, and a Diploma in Modern Languages majoring in German, and I am about to embark on a Master of Teaching at my local university: Charles Darwin University (CDU).

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Dr John Heath

John Heath's plans to graduate on the lawns of Booloominbah wearing his Goori sash were thwarted this year due to COVID-19. It's a mere formality for the 69-year-old student of history, but a milestone he nevertheless looks forward to marking, both to celebrate his own achievements and to honour those of his ancestors.

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Dr Jack Hobbs

Jack Hobbs

Jack came to Australia and UNE in the mid 1960’s, commencing his long and illustrious academic career at UNE as a Teaching Fellow in Geography in 1965. He was awarded a Masters in Science 1969 and a PhD in 1973. Over the years Jack went on to hold the positions of Head of Department, Associate Professor, and Associate Dean of the Faculty of Arts until his retirement from fulltime academia around 2000.

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Tahlia Hood

Recent Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Arts graduate Tahlia Hood has found her sense of purpose in working in Media and Communications for Legacy, a not-for-profit organisation that supports families of veterans who have served in the defence forces.

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Allison Hooper

Allison Hooper

I studied on campus, and lived on campus as well for the 4 years of my degree. Studying on campus was fantastic to build social networks with fellow students, which have since transitioned into professional networks now we’re all working.

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Peter Ireland

Peter Ireland

Peter Ireland graduated from UNE with a Bachelor of Economics, Bachelor of Arts and Masters in Education, and continued to advance his studies throughout an impressive career in education. Today, Peter holds the position of Head: Governance, Policy & Risk and Company Secretary in the Executive Director’s office of Sydney Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of Sydney. Never forgetting his UNE roots, Peter is an original member of the annual Sydney Alumni ‘Albies’ reunion; a gathering which has grown from 6 to 250 attendees in its 29 years running.

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Matthew Irwin

Matthew Irwin and Lou Conway

After a 30-year career in finance, UNE graduate Matthew Irwin understands all too well the courage it takes to establish a business.

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Marilyn Joy

Marilyn Joy

I enrolled in the Graduate Certificate in Professional Accounting, part-time over a period of 2 years. As I was working full-time in a professional accounting practice, time management was challenging but workable. This avenue provided an opportunity for further study adding to my prior qualifications and broadening my skill set.

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Marianne and Geoff Judson

Marianne and Geoff Judson

Geoff (Dr Geoffrey James Judson) is BRurSC and PhD in Rural Science from UNE and Maryanne has a Grad Dip in Social Science after gaining a BA Planning at Uni SA.

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Susan K

Master of Arts (Applied Linguistics) graduate Susan K lives in the west coast of the United States of America.

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Janice Knight

Janice Knight

Janice Knight earned a scholarship (just like her future husband Trevor, whom she met on campus) to study at UNE in the late 1950s, Trevor became a longstanding Admissions Officer later in his career, and their youngest daughter studied linguistics at UNE. "UNE was so good to us; it opened up the world to our family," said Janice, who graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and Diploma of Education.

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The Lam Family

Alfred Glen McCready

At a time in history when world views are increasingly polarised and “facts” are reduced to tweets, the study of classical languages can seem foreign, even archaic. But classical languages help us to unlock the past and to learn what it means to be human today.

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Meg Larkin AM

Meg Larkin AM leads a rich and vibrant artistic life. She has been chair of Regional Arts NSW, Regional Arts Australia, the New England Regional Art Museum (NERAM) and the Tamworth Regional Conservatorium of Music, and still serves on the Tamworth Council Arts and Advisory Committee, as chair of ADFAS Tamworth Region and as secretary of the Friends of Tamworth Gallery. Her paid job for 15 years was as Tamworth Regional Council's Cultural and Community Services Manager, where, as part of a broad portfolio, she oversaw the design and development of the Tamworth Regional Gallery and Library.

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Sam Levy

UNE arts graduate Sam Levy is a Theatre Producer who now resides in New York City. He has produced works on Broadway, Off-Broadway and in the West End. Sam is a Tony, Olivier, Drama Desk and Drama League Award winner and is Managing Director and founder of Trumper Park, a New York-based theatrical production and consulting firm. He is part of the producing team bringing the new musical hit, SIX, to Australia in 2021 opening in Melbourne in February and Sydney in June.

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Fanny Lumsden

Fanny Lumsden

It was far from the ideal launch of singer/songwriter Fanny Lumsden's third album Fallow back in March. Overnight, coronavirus put Australia's music industry into mothballs, the promotional tour was postponed and a year's worth of performances cancelled.

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Scot MacDonald

Scot MacDonald, Armidale Regional Council’s Director of Businesses and Services, holds three qualifications from UNE. His career has taken him from private enterprise to serving eight years in the NSW Parliament and back to his important role at the Armidale Regional Council. His sage advice for aspiring leaders is timeless.

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Dr Jessica Marin-Ulloa

Jessica Marin-Ulloa

Jessica Marin-Ulloa used her Bachelor of Commerce degree to kickstart her career in the Northern Territory. Today Dr Marin-Ulloa is the College Manager, College of Engineering, IT and Environment at Charles Darwin University.

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Sam Martin

Sam Martin

Albies has produced some fine alumni – and none more interesting than Great Hops brewer Sam Martin…

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Sophie Masson

Sophie Masson graduated from UNE in 1990 with a Master of Letters. She has since published more than 60 books, and is co-founder of children’s literature publishing house, Christmas Press. Today, she continues to make the most of her career and life, working on exciting new novels and picture books, and completing her PhD in Creative Practice at UNE.

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Amanda McCamey

Amanda McCamey

Amanda McCamey, Maternity Nurse Unit Manager, graduated with a Masters of Health Management in 2018. Amanda shared her thoughts on studying at UNE with the Alumni office.

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Douglas McMaster

McMaster Committee

A passion for the North West Slopes and Plains and its agricultural potential born a century ago is about to inspire a new generation through the D.L. McMaster Fund.

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Gina Milgate

Gina Milgate

Gina Milgate graduated from UNE in 1999, with a Bachelor of Commerce, a Graduate Diploma of Business Studies, and a Certificate of Higher Education. Today she is an educator, a leader, an author, and a mentor, and plays many more diverse and inspiring roles as a Research Fellow for Indigenous Education in the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER).

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Jennifer Miller

For over 19 years the University of New England has had the same face of Alumni Relations - Jennifer Miller. After such a rich career that has produced fond memories and has equipped her with an exceptional knowledge of the university and close relationships with the UNE community, Jennifer has retired.

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Texon Mungombe

Texon Mungombe graduated with a Master of Professional Accounting from UNE and is now studying a Bachelor of Laws.  He works as a Senior Financial Accountant for one of Sydney’s most successful restaurants in Sydney, Café Sydney.

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Joan Murray

David Murray

David Murray's life had not been easy before he enrolled to study at UNE. A workplace accident, severe injury and personal issues had cast him adrift. He engaged rarely with others and refused to leave his Sydney home during daylight hours.

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Melissa Mullee

Melissa Mullee

A career in horticulture has taken former Woolgoolga High School student Melissa Mullee around the globe, and now she’s encouraging school leavers to consider the benefits of working in this diverse field.

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Mufutau Nasiru

Mufutau Nasiru is currently teaching biology, chemistry, general science and physics for grades 10 to 12 in Thailand. His online Graduate Diploma in Education and Master of Education (with Honours) and the shift in teaching to student-centered learning has caused his colleagues to note the transformation of Nasiru’s teaching saying, “because Nasiru studied in Australia.”

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Pauline Ng

Pauline Ng is Director, Hong Kong Public Policy Research Centre at Tianda Institute.  After retiring as Secretary General of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, Pauline undertook a Bachelor of Organisational Leadership from UNE. She started a social enterprise in 2017 while studying in UNE which provides a service for "young-olds". we60.com is a bilingual website whose objective is to help those who are approaching retirement to plan well for their future years and to know how to take care of their ageing parents and eventually to take care of themselves.

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Emeritus Professor Bob Officer AM

Bob Officer AM

Emeritus Professor Robert Officer AM served as Professor of Finance at Melbourne Business School (University of Melbourne) from 1986 to 2002). He has a degree in Agricultural Science and after completing a Masters Degree in Agricultural Economics at UNE he was awarded an overseas scholarship to the University of Chicago where he completed an MBA and PhD.

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Ollie Olorenshaw

Ollie Olorenshaw

I enrolled in the Graduate Diploma in Counselling. I enrolled part time and completed the Diploma over two years. It was an incredible experience and I learned a great deal.

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Casey Onus

2019 Agronomist of the Year, Casey Onus, graduated from UNE with a Bachelor of Agriculture and an MBA. She spends her workdays examining crops to determine how to fight diseases, nurture growth and improve quality. She loves seeing farmers take on board advice and working with them to implement strategies, especially when both she and the farmer can see the positive changes over a number of seasons.

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Karen Orchard

Karen Orchard

Rural and remote nursing is a passion of mine, having spent most of my nursing, and most of my life in rural and remote areas. I believe nurses working in these environments need to be acknowledged for the incredible work they do. They do such a brilliant job in areas which can be challenging physically and complex emotionally, environmentally isolated, and often with such limited resources.

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Dr Jacqueline Parry

Dr Jacqueline Parry

Jacqueline started her graduate law degree after completing a degree in classical music (piano) at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. Jacqueline chose to complete her UNE law degree online as she wanted to continue working and not move from where she was living.

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Brett Pomroy

Brett Pomroy

Lawyer and recreational surfer Brett Pomroy enjoys the challenges working in law and when not at work, Brett enjoys surfing and being a member of Surfrider Australia.

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Vicki Poulter

Vicki with Animal

Vicki Poulter (née McClymont) graduated from UNE with a Bachelor of Arts. The eldest of Bill and Viv McClymont's four children, Vicki practically grew up on the university campus after the family moved to Armidale in 1955 for Bill to take up his appointment as the foundation dean of the Rural Science faculty. Its multi-disciplinary degree program was the first of its kind in Australia and it was just one year after UNE had become independent of the University of Sydney.

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Jess Price-Purnell

Jess Price-Purnell

When asked to trace the origins of her political ambitions, Jess Price-Purnell's mind returns to a lengthy wait in Accident and Emergency at Armidale Hospital in the year of 2009. A city-slicker from inner-city Melbourne, she was three years into her business degree at UNE when the disparities between city and country life became frustratingly obvious.

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Warren Prior

Warren Prior, Bachelor of Economics (Hons), met his wife Lesley at high school and took her to his 1969 Robb College Ball. Reconnecting in 2000, Warren and Lesley share a love of mountain biking and in 2019 competed in the UNE 12 Hours in the Piney mountain bike race.

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Annette Purton

Annette Purton is a passionate humanitarian and an accomplished educator who completed a Masters of Applied Linguistics in 2017 at UNE as a mature age student. Her story is one of intrigue and inspiration.

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Stephen Rimmer

Stephen Rimmer

Stephen Rimmer graduated from UNE in 1994 with a Doctorate of Philosophy. He has since lived and worked in cities such as Canberra, Washington and Baghdad, specialising in regulatory governance. Today, he works as a Senior Private Sector Development Specialist at the World Bank Group based in Washington DC, and works to implement and support positive reforms in developing countries.

Stephen Rimmer 's full profile

Susan Rix AM

Susan Rix AM

Susan Rix graduated from UNE in 1982 with a Bachelor of Financial Administration. Today, she is Partner of Brisbane Tax & Advisory firm, BDO, and is an Accredited Family Business Advisor. With 31 years at BDO under her belt, Susan is an expert in her field, and an inspiring example of the results of hard work and commitment to both a field and a company.

Susan Rix AM 's full profile

Alex Robson

Alex Lumsden

There are moments when our education and career just click. This was the case for UNE alumnus Alex Robson when he walked into his first theatre class. "That first lecture, with Adrian Kiernander and Sue Fell, is where my career began."

Alex Robson 's full profile

Jan Rose

Jan Rose

Jan Rose is an experienced director with a demonstrated history of working in the education, management and recruitment talent acquisition industries. She is skilled in all aspects of business planning and leadership aided by her MBA from UNE.

Jan Rose 's full profile

Kimberley Scott

Kimberley Scott

Kimberley Scott graduated from UNE in 2011 with a Bachelors in Arts/Teaching. She has since lived and worked both in Australia and the UK, and visited over 20 countries. Today, she teaches English, History and Geography at the Hunter School of the Performing Arts in Newcastle, and is an inspiring example of persistence and strength in the face of hardship.

Kimberley Scott 's full profile

Max Schroder

Max’s impressive career in higher education have assured him a reputation as an expert in the sector. With his strong-held belief in education as a mechanism for transforming lives, Max is also highly valued as a generous donor to the University of New England having established a scholarship in 2008 for one Indigenous student to pursue a UNE degree.

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Colleen Sedgwick

Colleen Sedgwick holds two qualifications from UNE, a Bachelor of Social Science and Bachelor of Arts (Hons).  Freelance graphic designer, cartoonist and artist, Colleen also works for Australia Post.

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Rear Admiral Sarah Sharkey AM CSC

Commodore Sarah Sharkey RAN CSC

The learnings and experience I gained studying my MBA at UNE have been invaluable. Effective leadership in health and in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) depends on a high level of understanding of the importance of a number of key business concepts.

Rear Admiral Sarah Sharkey AM CSC 's full profile

Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith

‘I never thought I would have to work so hard to say so little’ is one of the key lessons Andrew Smith has learnt since becoming a barrister. Andrew quickly realised courts are busy places with massive amounts of matters and issues to get through. Therefore judges and magistrates generally do not have the time and patience to listen to verbose arguments- it is better to get straight to the point!

Andrew Smith 's full profile

Paul Smith

Paul Smith profile picture

When thoughts of becoming a concert pianist gave way to opera singing, the bass baritone joined a young artists' company and began performing the arias of Mozart and Puccini for corporate functions and parties. Composing music was the next movement, and Paul wrote two chamber operas, the second - The Spidermaiden and the Runaway Plum Blossom - successfully premiering in Singapore.

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Dr Victor Squires

Victor Squires

My career highlights must include getting my PhD and, later, my promotion to Principal Research Scientist with CSIRO. Still later I received 2 Gold medals from the Government of China. In 2008 "The International Science and Technology Cooperation" I was the first Australian to ever get this award. In 2011 a Friendship Award -- the highest award given by China to a foreigner. In 2018 I was made an Honorary Doctor of the Gansu Agricultural University, Lanzhou -- the first ever recipient

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Mark Stevens

For the past 12 years UNE's Manager of Student Recruitment, Mark Stevens, has represented UNE at Defence Transition Seminars across the country, helping to advise defence personnel on the undergraduate and postgraduate courses that might support their promotion ambitions or a transition into civilian life. Mark grew up in a family with a long and proud military heritage. Two grandfathers served at Gallipoli; one representing the Australian Army (who subsequently died on the Western Front) and the other a British Army soldier who survived to migrate to Australia. An uncle also saw action in Papua New Guinea during World War II.

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Vanessa Stothart

Flight Lieutenant Vanessa Stothart graduated in 2018 with a Graduate Diploma in Psychology which has enhanced her senior leadership skills for her role as an Air Traffic Controller.

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Therese Taylor

It was campus study for me. When I moved to Armidale in the mid/ late 70s the student body was divided into those who lived in Colleges, those who lived in town, and those who were external students and attended during semester breaks and who stayed in the Colleges. I lived in town.

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Timothy Walker CBE AM

Tasmanian-born Timothy Walker, Chief Executive and Artistic Director of the London Philharmonic Orchestra, was granted the honour of Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) for services to the arts and music in the 2020 New Year Honours by Her Majesty the Queen.

Timothy Walker CBE AM 's full profile

John Vann

John Vann

I came to UNE because the geology and geophysics school had a good reputation, and specifically to study with Professor Ian Plimer who was then the Economic Geology Professor.

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Ron Vickress

Ron Vickress

On the eve of the 75th anniversary of VP (Victory in the Pacific) Day commemorations, UNE alumnus and former Royal Australian Navy sailor Ron Vickress reflects on the Japanese surrender that officially ended World War II.

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Meaghan Victor

Meaghan Victor

My name is Meaghan Victor (nee Unsworth) aka Meggs and I had the opportunity to live at Duval College from 1991 – 1993. My home away from home for three years of my life, where I became a much stronger and independent woman.

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Deb Wilson

UNE graduate Deb Wilson (formerly Linklater) and husband Scott have through hard work since 2001 created one of Tasmania’s best heritage accommodation – Old Wesley Dale in Mole Creek.

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Professor Rhonda Wilson

Professor Rhonda Wilson

My Wongwibinda schoolgirl self would never have dared to dream or imagine the career I am in the midst of.

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Jing Zeng

Staying at UNE was one of the most enjoyable and exciting experiences for me. Not only did I improve myself academically, I enlarged my horizon culturally and cognitively.

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UNE Partnerships Training Transformation at the Army School of Logistic Operations

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