Ms Louisa Quiddington

Photo of Louisa QuiddingtonI am in my second year of studying a Bachelor of Psychology, on campus at UNE. I spent my gap year travelling and as a nanny. When I came to live on campus, at the start of 2017, I discovered that UNE offers a unique college experience, where the traditional values of a university education are upheld.

I am a passionate advocate for students because I firmly believe that they are the life force of the University and have a right to be heard.

I have deep personal belief in the important of fairness and social inclusion and see my role on Council as an opportunity to speak up for the interests of all students, internal and external.

I believe every student should be given the opportunity to pursue their higher goals. Universities need to be more than just 'diploma mills', they need to provide the spaces where students discover their identity and find the skills that will give them the ability to contribute meaningfully to society.